The Mt. San Jacinto College Foundation Unveils its new logo

September 8, 2017

MSJC Foundation logoThe Mt. San Jacinto College Foundation, a non-profit that supports the Mt. San Jacinto College District and its students, is excited to unveil a new brand identity. The new, modernized logo marks a major transformation for the Foundation that was founded in 1983.

The new logo is a departure from the college’s logo, giving the MSJC Foundation its own identity as an auxiliary of the college. The MSJC Foundation partnered with MBDX designs to reimagine this clean and timeless brand image. MBDX kept in mind the college’s commitment to provide students with the opportunity to make their dreams a reality and soar into the future. The eagle soaring in flight represents this opportunity, the determination MSJC students have to succeed and their drive to create better lives and communities as they move into the future. The eagle combined with the font gives a nod to the college district and its iconic mascot, representing both the generations of students who have attended MSJC in the past and those who will do so in the future.

The mission of the Mt. San Jacinto College Foundation is to promote student success by enhancing the quality of higher education throughout the district by identifying and securing private support through community alliances. As the Foundation expands its work to connect with alumni, college friends and the community at large, the new logo is a first step in a rebranding campaign. Other rebranding efforts include a new, updated Foundation website, brochures and other materials. The MSJC Foundation is looking forward to continuing its work with MBDX on this effort and is proud to use these new materials to increase awareness of the Foundation’s work in the communities that MSJC serves.

For more information about the MSJC Foundation, call 951-487-3171