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Grants Office


The Mt. San Jacinto Planning and Institutional Effectiveness/Grants Office supports the development and enhancement of college projects and programs through proposal development processes and grants management technical assistance. Proposals are submitted to both public and private external sources to: foster learning and teaching; meet student, community and workforce needs; and promote institutional development and effectiveness. Grant funding supports the institutional goals, strategic priorities and mission of Mt. San Jacinto Community College District.

To that end, we provide a variety of services including: 

  • Research – assist in locating funding possibilities for specific projects. Provide support in researching data for specific grant related sections
  • Proposal Development Assistance/Consultation – consult with faculty and staff on content and design of the proposal; provide general information on proposal writing and RFP/RFA (Request for Proposal/Request for Application) guidelines
  • Grants Management – work with project directors to ensure that grants are operating on schedule, within budget and that reports are being submitted on time
  • Training – provide or arrange workshops/training sessions, upon request, on the grants process and proposal preparation for faculty and staff
  • Budget Assistance/Fiscal Liaison – assist with the preparation of budgets and budget justification/explanations for contract and grant proposals; coordinate project management and monitoring activities with the Categorical Funding Accounting Specialist

The intent of the Mt. San Jacinto College Planning and Institutional Effectiveness/Grants Office  is to develop sustainable institutional capacities for resource development that strengthen and intensify the institution’s successful pursuit and acquisition of external funding. 

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Grants Office Staff

Rebecca Teague
Dean of Institutional Effectiveness, Planning, Research and Grants
Regina Howard
Planning, Research, Grants, and the Temecula Higher Education Center Supervisor
951-506-6752 ext. 6807
Debbie Grace
Administrative Associate III, STEM
Research Office Staff
Nik Mesaris
Director of Institutional Research
Fernando Gutierrez
Research Analyst
Business Services – Categorical Accounting
Julie Venable
Dean of Business Services
Elaine McCallen

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* PDF documents require Adobe Acrobat® or the free Reader; see











The following are some of MSJC's currently funded grant projects.


Title V Grant

Title V  (PDF* document, 2.61 MB)

Press Release

Success.jpgMt. San Jacinto College was awarded a $1.2 million dollar US Department of Education Developing Hispanic-Serving Institutions Title V grant designed to assist eligible institutions of higher education in improving their academic quality, institutional management and fiscal stability. Funds may be used for activities such as the renovation of instructional facilities, faculty development, the purchase of scientific or laboratory equipment for educational purposes, development and improvement of academic programs, acquisition of equipment to strengthen funds management and academic programs, joint use of facilities, academic tutoring, counseling programs, student support services. To be eligible, an institution must have at least 50% of its students receiving need-based assistance or have a substantial number of enrolled students receiving Pell Grants; and have low educational and general expenditures. Additionally, 25% of an institution's enrolled students must be Hispanic and, of those, 50% must be low-income. The grant project serves ALL students -- not only Hispanic students.

Since the Title V Grant is a large document (2.61 MB) it may be most easily viewed if you save it to your computer before browsing.



Talent Search Grant

Talent Search (PDF* document, 3.20 MB)

Mt. San Jacinto College was awarded a $1.5 million dollar ($230,000/year for five (5) years) US Department of Education Talent Search grant to identify and assist individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds who have the potential to succeed in higher education.  This is the second Talent Search grant awarded to Mt. San Jacinto Community College.  This grant will allow MSJC to continue the development, management, and evaluation of a comprehensive array of support programs and services aimed at increasing persistence, adacemic performance, graduation, and transfer rates among low-income and/or first-generation students. 

Program objectives include increasing secondary school persistence and graduation, increased enrollment in postsecondary education and attainment of postsecondary degrees among low-income and/or first-generation students.

Since the Talent Search Grant is a large document (3.20 MB) it may be most easily viewed if you save it to your computer before browsing. 


Upward Bound Grant

Mt. San Jacinto College was awarded a $1.25 million dollar ($250,000/year for five (5) years) US Department of Education Upward Bound grant. The MSJC Upward Bound project will provide support services to 50 low-income and first generation youth at San Jacinto High School.  These services are designed to teach individuals the skills and techniques necessary to successfully complete a program of secondary and postsecondary education. The program includes weekly tutoring, monitoring of progress and monthly on-campus meetings.  A summer component consists of a six-week,  non-residential academic program with emphasis on math, laboratory science, composition, literature, foreign language and computer science.

Upward Bound (PDF* document, 1.75 MB)

Press Release 

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Grant

STEM (PDF* document, 1.64 MB)

Press Release


Mt. San Jacinto College was awarded a $4.2 million dollar US Department of Education Hispanic-Serving Institutions Science, STEM.jpgTechnology, Engineering and Mathematics grant to increase student success through programs and strategies aimed at improving retention and completion of educational goals -- primarily focusing on the success of Hispanic and underprepared student populations.  Funds will be used to design, develop and implement programs and services to increase the number of Hispanic and other low income students attaining degrees
in the fields of science, technology, engineering or mathematics and to develop model transfer and articulation agreements between two-year and four-year institutions in these fields.   The project will focus on the design, development and implementation of  instructional support services and student success strategies to meet program goals and objectives including: increasing the percentage of Hispanic students attaining degrees in the fields of STEM; increasing the percentage of Hispanic students transferring to California State University and/or University of California systems; improving the development of student education plans, specifically for Hispanic and underprepared students, increasing the course retention and success rates of Hispanic and underprepared students in STEM programs, and, developing and assessing student learning outcomes for all STEM courses offered/available in the college catalog.

Since the STEM Grant is a large document (1.64 MB) it may be most easily viewed if you save it to your computer before browsing.


CTE Community Collaborative Grant

Mt. San Jacinto College was awarded a $348,000 California Community College Chancellor's Office CTE Community Collaborative grant to develop support programs designed to strengthen California's workforce by bridging the gap between economic development and public instruction.  The project identifies industry and career technical training needs in key CTE sectors including engineering, multimedia, biotechnology, geographic information systems (GIS), and manufacturing.  Program objectives include building and aligning coordinated CTE pathways from K-12 to community college, and preparing students for high-skill jobs and wages in these key industries.


Perkins Grant

Mt. San Jacinto Community College has recently received a reallocation of $606,450 under the Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Act of 2006.  The Federally funded Perkins Grant provides funding to improve, expand and enhance Career Technical Education programs.  The grant supports staff, supplies, equipment and professional development activities to help Career and Technical Education students prepare for high skill, high wage, in demand occupations.  The current funding allocation will be used to improve and expand existing programs and services for CTE students attending Mt. San Jacinto Community College.

Grant goals for the upcoming year include but are not limited to improving technical skill attainment by offering tutoring assistance in classrooms and labs; linking our CTE programs to postsecondary education by providing articulation and dual enrollment opportunities; providing exposure to all aspects of various industries through hands-on activities, guest speakers and occupational internship opportunities; improving the use of technology in CTE by purchasing new industry-standard instructional equipment, software and supplies; supporting professional development and growth of our CTE faculty; preparing special populations for in-demand occupations; and ensuring that our programs and services are sufficient size, scope and quality to be effective.  




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2011-2014 Grants Office Program Review 

2012/2013 Annual Program Assessment 



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eCivis Grants Network is an enterprise-wide solution based on Software as a Service technology.  eCivis Grants Network is a modular system comprised of three fully integrated components: Research, Tracking &  Reporting, and KnowledgeBase.

The eCivis Grants Network Research Module compiles hundreds of federal, state, and foundation grant opportunities in one database.  Customized search tools allow MSJC grants office staff to access results across any and all parameters within a matter of minutes. With the automated search agents, updates and daily/weekly email, eCivis Grants Research enables MSJC to be proactive in finding and applying for grant opportunities that meet specific District needs.

The eCivis Grants Network: Tracking & Reporting is a web-based grants management system that tracks grant activity through every stage of the grants management lifecycle.  eCivis Tracking & Reporting is fully integrated with eCivis Grants Research allowing information to be easily transferred between the two modules.  eCivis Tracking & Reporting saves time by automatically performing and centralizing many of the administrative functions that were previously done by hand.

The eCivis Grants Network: KnowledgeBase provides district personnel with education and reference resources designed to improve individual grant-related skills.  eCivis KnowledgeBase is made up of automated training courses specifically developed to meet the needs of district personnel involved in the grant development, writing, management and reporting functions.  eCivis KnowledgeBase provides an extensive collection of valuable resources, including articles on grant writing from experts in the field, commonly used grant-related guides and links, and beginner and intermediate courses about the grant lifecycle.     





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