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Honors Conferences

Each year Honors Transfer Council of California (HTCC) joins with the University of California at Irvine (UCI) to conduct a conference in which honors students present their research projects.  This conference is held during the spring semester of each year.  Traditionally, the Honors Enrichment Program sponsors as many students as are interested in attending this conference and have appropriate quality work to present.  Students may present papers or simply attend to get a broader perspective on honors education and an academic conference experience.
 MSJC Honors Conference group 2011-web.jpg
Mt. San Jacinto College also sponsors student presentations every spring at the Western Regional Honors Council Conference.  As funding is limited, the Honors Committee chooses the sponsored students, but any honors student may attend the three day conference at his or her own expense.  The conference serves as a venue for honors student research for both two and four year colleges and universities honors programs.  Information about the conference may be obtained from the honors coordinator.

What are Honors conferences?  What do we do there?
Honors conferences offer you the opportunity to share your work.   You may read from one of your research papers, join in a panel discussion, argue a point in the Issues Forum, submit a creative work or present a poster.  At both conferences, complimentary meals provide a perfect opportunity to talk over the events of the conferences, debate the issues raised or exchange impressions about the ideas or techniques of the presentations. 

What are the benefits of presenting at a conference?
Presenting at a conference does take some extra time, but remember, you can simply adapt a project you’ve already worked on for your honors classes.  That means most of your time will go toward revising and rehearsing.  Bear in mind that students who have participated in these conferences have been unanimous in expressing a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.  Many students have indicated that presenting was the highlight of the Honors Enrichment Program.
When you share your work with other honors students and faculty, chances are you’ll get into discussion with students from other program about your ideas or theirs.  You might also find it interesting to compare honors experiences among students from different colleges in the area.  Just by attending the presentations, you will get an idea of what honors students are doing.  And as a presenter, you will gain valuable public speaking experience.  You will enhance your curriculum vitae.  Citing participation in this scholarly conference will add to your prestige when you are seeking to make a favorable impression on college admission and scholarship officers.

From the inception of our honors program, Mt. San Jacinto College honors students have participated in both conferences, and they have made a good showing of themselves.  This is good for the reputation of the college, the program, and of course, you.  Over the last ten years your predecessors began a tradition of excellence, and you are the beneficiary of the enhanced reputation.