Email System Migration

In order to support Office 2013, newer email clients, and improve system security, we're upgrading our college email system for Faculty, Staff, and Administrators during Summer 2014 and Fall 2014.
User's mailboxes will be migrated on a schedule and they will be notified 2 days prior to their migration. During your migration, you will not be able to access your email, but will be given a link to monitor your progress in the migration notification.
The new site to use Outlook Web Access is
Once your mailbox has been migrated, you'll need to reconfigure email synchronize for your mobile devices or mail programs.
This includes but is not limited to; iPhones/iPads, Android devices, Blackberries etc. You will need to remove and recreate the account on your device that is associated with the college email system. Most devices will detect the appropriate account settings by simply entering in your full email address and password.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.
Security Notice: MSJC Information Technology Staff will never ask for your password. Keep your passwords private to protect yourself and the security of our network.


Frequently Asked Questions:
Will I lose any email or calendar events?
No. All of your items will be transferred to the new system and accessible once the migration is completed.

What happens if someone sends me an email during the migration?
Any emails sent during the migration will remain queued and delivered once the migration is completed.​

How long will I not be able to access my email?
​The migration typically takes about 20-30 minutes for 10,000 items or about 1 Gigabyte worth of email.
Do I need to update my mobile device or Outlook settings?
​Devices and mail programs will need to have old profiles deleted and recreated in order to sync your email. On campus, you should only need to close and reopen Outlook.
When will I see Office 2013 on my district workstation?
We are currently only deploying Office 2013 on a per request basis. Requests can be made by contacting the Information Technology Helpdesk.
How do I connect to my email from a web browser?
You can use Outlook Web Access, which is now located at, and contains many of the features of the regular Outlook application.
How do I get my Microsoft Office suite upgraded to Office 2013?
You can request the upgrade on your district provided computer by contacting the Information Technology Helpdesk.
Where can I find Tutorials?
Tutorials can be found under the Information Technology Helpdesk section​ of our site.

JB 2014-07-30​​​​
New Features:
Outlook Web App Features
  • Favorites in the navigation pane
  • Search folders
  • Message filtering
  • Ability to set categories in the message list
  • Options in the Web management interface for Outlook Web App
  • Side-by-side view for calendars
  • Multiple client language support
  • Ability to attach messages to messages
  • Expanded right-click capabilities
  • Conversation view
  • Ability to send and receive text messages from Outlook Web App
Exchange ActiveSync Features
  • Conversation grouping of e-mail messages
  • Ability to synchronize or not synchronize an entire conversation
  • Synchronization of SMS messages with a user's Exchange mailbox
  • Support for viewing of message reply status
  • Support for availability information for contacts
Text Messaging Features
  • The following is a list of new text messaging features included in Exchange 2010:
  • Calendar and agenda updates
  • Text messages sent and received through Outlook Web App and Outlook 2010
  • Text message synchronization with a mobile phone