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 2011-2012 Catalog Drafts

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May 05
Welcome to the Review of 2011-2012 Course Catalog

About this Blog:

The links above are the drafts of the 2011-12 catalog program pages and course listings for your review and approval. Please add any comments for corrections to errors only – the final formatting cannot be done at this time. Dept Chairs and Deans, please include your approval. Please respond no later than Friday, May 13th at noon. No response will indicate that you have no changes and approve. All comments should be added here for tracking purposes (do not email comments or approvals to Angela Seavey).

​To add a comment to this Blog please use the boxes below this post. 

Please note: The CDE, ENGL, ESL and MATH flowcharts will be added to the final version and have already been reviewed/approved. Also, the Communication Studies and Mathematics degrees will be updated as soon as the BOT and Chancellor’s Office approve the TMC degrees. Finally, the Physical Education program page and course listings do not reflect changes on today’s curriculum agenda. They will be updated as soon as they are approved by the BOT.



 About this blog

About this blog
The purpose of this blog is to allow faculty and staff to review the 2011-2012 Course Catalog and provide the necessary feedback so MSJC has the best possible catatlog available.