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MSJC > Institutional Planning and Effectiveness > Institutional Planning Committee (IPC)

Institutional Planning Committee (IPC)


Roger Schultz, Superintendent/President (Committee Chair, non-voting)
Jeremy Brown, Interim Vice President of Instructional Services
John Colson, Vice President of Student Services
Beth Gomez, Vice President of Business Services
Jeannine Stokes, Associate Dean of Human Resources
Ted Blake, Faculty Representative
Janice Levasseur, Faculty Representative
Rhonda Nishimoto, Academic Senate President
Tamara Smith, Academic Senate Vice President
Julie Baker, Classified Senate President
Marcus Castellanos, Classified Professional
Todd Franco, Classified Professional 
Elizabeth Mascaro, Classified Professional
TBD, SGA Representative
TBD, SGA Representative

Ex-Officio/Resource/Non-Voting Members:
Fred Frontino, Director of Student Judicial Affairs
Fernando Gutierrez, Research Analyst
Paul Hert, Program Review and Assessment Coordinator
Nik Mesaris, Director of Institutional Research
Brandon Moore, Executive Dean of Institutional Effectiveness, Assessment and Student Success
Brian Orlauski, Dean of Information Technology
Rebecca Teague, Accreditation Liaison Officer and Dean of Planning, Institutional Effectiveness, and Grants

Charge (Approved 12/12/17)

The Institutional Planning Committee shall oversee and coordinate district-wide strategic planning through the following:

1) The committee shall review and endorse the college integrated institutional planning:
· Education Master Plan
· Facilities Master Plan
· Strategic Master Plan
· Staffing Plan
· Technology Plan
· Distance Education Plan
· Integrated SSSP/Basic Skills/Equity Plan
· Strong Workforce Plan
· Professional Development Plan

2) Ensuring the integration of the planning process, including, but not limited to a coordinated, institutional approach in addressing college priorities and the interrelationship among institutional plans.

3) Coordinating with the Budget Planning Committee to ensure that budget allocations are based on institutional planning priorities and are relevant to the current fiscal environment.

4) Recommending institutional priorities to College Council.

5) Establishing regular communication with the campus community regarding the institutional planning process.

6) Assessing on an annual basis the effectiveness of the Institutional Planning Committee and the institutional planning process.

Goals (Approved 12/12/17)

Coordinate the creation, implementation, and assessment of institutional planning and resource development processes.
         · Implement and assess Educational Master Plan
         · Implement and assess Strategic Plan
         · Develop and implement BSI/SSSP/Equity Integrated Plan
         · Assess RAP prioritization, scoring and funding processes
         · Implement and assess Total Cost of Ownership model

Develop and implement a transparent prioritization structure at the institutional level.
         ·  Ensure connection of categorical programs to integrated planning, and resource allocation structures

Promote dialogue among all members of the institution.
         ·  Create opportunities for open dialog and communication between students, faculty, Instructional Services, Student Services, and Administrative Services
         ·  Improve effective communication of District-wide project-based and capital improvement to operational and support units, College faculty, staff,
            administration, and students


IPC Meetings 18-19.pdf2018-2019 Schedule of Meetings.pdf

Meeting Information 2017-2018

Agendas​ Minutes​
Agenda 8-15-17.pdfAgenda 8-15-17.pdf Minutes 8-15-17 FINAL.pdfMinutes 8-15-17.pdf
Agenda 9-19-17.pdfAgenda 9-19-17.pdf Minutes 9-19-17 FINAL.pdfMinutes 9-19-17.pdf
Agenda 10-17-17.pdfAgenda 10-17-17.pdf Minutes 10-17-17 FINAL.pdfMinutes 10-17-17.pdf
​11/21/17 Meeting Cancelled N/A
Agenda 12-12-17.pdfAgenda 12-12-17.pdf Minutes 12-12-17 FINAL.pdfMinutes 12-12-17.pdf
​1/16/18 Meeting Cancelled N/A
Agenda 2-20-18.pdfAgenda 2-20-18.pdf Minutes 2-20-18 FINAL.pdfMinutes 2-20-18.pdf
Agenda 4-17-18.pdfAgenda 4-17-18.pdf Minutes 4-17-18 FINAL.pdfMinutes 4-17-18.pdf
Agenda 5-15-18.pdfAgenda 5-15-18.pdf

Meeting Information 2016-2017

Agendas​ ​Minutes   
AGN 092016.pdfAgenda 9-20-16.pdf MIN 092016.pdfMinutes 9-20-16.pdf
AGN101816.pdfAgenda 10-18-16.pdf MIN 101816.pdfMinutes 10-18-16.pdf
AGN111516.pdfAgenda 11-15-16.pdf Minutes 11-15-16 FINAL.pdfMinutes 11-15-16.pdf
Agenda 1-31-17 JL.pdfAgenda 1-31-17.pdf Minutes 1-31-17 FINAL.pdfMinutes 1-31-17.pdf
Agenda 2-21-17.pdfAgenda 2-21-17.pdf Minutes 2-21-17 FINAL.pdfMinutes 2-21-17.pdf
Agenda 3-28-17.pdfAgenda 3-28-17.pdf Minutes 3-28-17 FINAL.pdfMinutes 3-28-17.pdf
Agenda 4-18-17.pdfAgenda 4-18-17.pdf Minutes 4-18-17 FINAL.pdfMinutes 4-18-17.pdf
Agenda 5-16-17.pdfAgenda 5-16-17.pdf Minutes 5-16-17 FINAL.pdfMinutes 5-16-17.pdf

Meeting Information 2015-2016

Agendas​ Minutes​
AGN 091515.pdfAgenda 09-15-15.pdf MIN 091515.pdfMinutes 09-15-15.pdf
AGN 102015.pdfAgenda 10-20-15.pdf MIN 102015.pdfMinutes 10-20-15.pdf
AGN 111715.pdfAgenda 11-17-15.pdf MIN 111715.pdfMinutes 11-17-15.pdf
AGN 021616.pdfAgenda 02-16-16.pdf MIN 021616.pdfMinutes 02-16-16.pdf
AGN 050416 (002).pdfAgenda 05-04-16.pdf MIN 050416.pdfMinutes 05-04-16.pdf
AGN 051716.pdfAgenda 05-17-16.pdf MIN 051716.pdfMinutes 05-17-16.pdf

Meeting Information 2014-2015

Agenda​s Minutes
September 16, 2014 ​​September 16, 2014
October 21, 2014​ ​October 21, 2014
November 18, 2014​​ November 18, 2014
February 17, 2015 February 17, 2015
April 21, 2015​ ​April 21, 2015​
May 19, 2015​ May 19, 2015


Archived Meeting Information

​Agendas Minutes
2009-2010 2009-2010
 2010-2011 2010-2011
 2011-2012     ​ 2011-2012    
2012-2013 2012-2013​
​2013-2014 2013-2014


For more information please contact Tabitha Lawler, Administrative Associate III, by phone at (951) 506-6157 or via email at