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At Mt. San Jacinto College, faculty, staff, administrators, and students all share in the student learning outcomes and assessment process. The process for incorporating student learning outcomes into our college culture led to the adoption in 2007 of the first six of following Institutional Learning Outcomes or education core competencies (CCs).  The last CC was adopted in spring 2017.
 Core Competencies (CCs, formerly "Institutional Learning Outcomes" (ILOs))
  • Communication: The student will communicate effectively, expressing thoughts, goals and needs through use of appropriate modes and technologies.
  • Critical Thinking: The student will reason and think critically.
  • Aesthetic Awareness: The student will possess aesthetic awareness.
  • Social Awareness: The student will demonstrate societal awareness.
  • Responsibility: The student will display personal and civic responsibility.
  • Scientific Awareness: The student will possess an awareness of the physical and biological principles related to science.
  • Information and Technology Literacy: The student will access, interpret, evaluate and apply relevant information sources and digital media effectively, and in an ethical and legal manner.
Approved by the Academic Senate (February 2017); Institutional Assessment and Program Review Committee (February 2017); Board of Trustees (May 2017)

Core Competencies: Full Descriptions

Program Learning Outcomes (PLO)
Course Learning Outcomes (CLO) -- This is just a fancy way of saying Student Learning Outcomes that are based on a course.

MSJC Institutional Assessment Presentation (Power Point)​​​​​​​​​​​​​​