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Institutional Data

Mt. San Jacinto Institutional Data Summary

1.    First-Applicants and Capture Rate: 
City of residence & Last Reported ​High-School, within MSJC Service Area  

a.     Headcount & Percentage (Student Distinct Count By Term) 
2.    First-Applicants Students VS Retur​ning Students:

           a.      Headcount & Percentage (Student Count Distinct By Term)

3.    First-Time Student’s: Creation Of Education Plan, At Students 1st Term:
First-Time Student’s create an Education Plan with an MSJC Counselor (Abbreviated and/or Comprehensive)  
a.      Headcount & Percentage (Student Count Distinct By Term)​

4.    Placement Exams By Calendar Years:  
Placement exams taken are broken down by calendar year, Broken Down By Placement Levels (English, ESL, Math)​
a.    Number of Exams (Record Count Distinct By Calendar Year)
b.    MATH Headcounts(Record Count Distinct By Calendar Year)​
c.    ENGL Headcounts (Record Count Distinct By Calendar Year)​
5.    Basic Skills Tracker By Academic Years:
Transition from Basic Skills/ Remedial to Transfer Level Math & English, broken down by 1st Start: Academic year
6.    Education Goals: Degrees & Programs, Tracked By Term Academic Years: 
Students may change their Goal: Degree or Program at any time, a guidance counselor's assistance is not required (This is Not an Education Plan)
a.    Numbers & Percentage (Student Count Distinct By Term)

7.    Enrollment - Success & Retention Rates By Academic Years:
Broken down by term and academic year 
a.    SUCCESS & RETENTION RATES - Numbers and Percentage​

8.    Headcounts & Demographics By Academic Years:
Student Demographics: Distinct Headcount by term 
a.    Headcount & Demographics​ (Student Count Distinct By Term)

9.    Course Sections & Enrollment Trends By Academic Years:
Courses Sections with at least 1 student enrolled at term census

10.    Awards & Transfer Rates By Academic Years: 
 Transfer Student’s: First Time Undergraduate Students at MSJC who at a later point in time enroll in an Accredited 4 Year College/University. Does not take into account returning students who previously attended MSJC.
a.    Student Awards​ ​(Associates Degree, Certificates)
11.    Continuing Education & Adult Programs By Academic Years: 
Eligible provider shall serve regional needs identified in the local plan pursuant to 29 USC ~3123, and provides individuals in the community who were identified as most in need of adult education and literacy activities, including individuals who have low levels of literacy skills, who are English Language Learners, or eligible individuals with disabilities, including individuals with learning disabilities (29 USC~3321(e)(1) and (2))
a.    Headcount & Demographics (Distinct Student Count, By Term)
b.    Course Sections  (Distinct By Term)

* Data used for the Development of the 2016-2021 Educational Master Plan Data​