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Learning Communities at MSJC

L-COM: Come Learn With US!



A learning community provides students a convenient schedule of courses that meet general education (G.E.) and transfer requirements.  Learning communities link two or more classes together with a common theme, content, and assignments.  Learning communities also help students build stronger relationships with faculty and their peers.


Learning communities often have:

  • Integrated course themes, assignments, activities;
  • Strong academic and social networks;
  • Activities that develop general academic study skills;
  • Faculty and students working closely together to support the success of everyone in the learning community.


Participation in a learning community provides several benefits.  As with most activities, what you get out of the community depends largely on what you put in it. However, research has shown that students who participate in learning communities:

  • Earn higher GPA's
  • Have lower drop-out rates
  • Have greater success in other courses
  • Finish college sooner
  • Develop lasting connections with students and faculty
  • Are more motivated and satisfied with college

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The MSJC Title V Grant (Award #P031S100017) is supported by a 5-year grant from the U.S. Department of Education in the amount of $2.79 million. The purpose of the Title V program is to develop, carryout instructional, and student support activities to improve and expand the institution’s capacity to serve Hispanic and other low-income/underprepared students. The contents of this printing were developed under the above named grant and do not necessarily represent the policy of the U.S. Department of Education..