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Khan Academy



Prospective Students:

If you placed below Math 055 on your math assessment at MSJC, you must improve your math skills in order to re-assess.

One way to do this is by successfully completing a minimum of 35 (out of 50) pre-selected math modules through Khan Academy.

Our Math Center team on the Menifee Valley Campus has preselected these 50 math modules (mini-lessons) specifically for their content in relation to the MSJC math assessment test.


Please note: This is not a class, but rather an independent, self-paced, free, on-line learning program which you complete on your own from home, or here at our Math Center (at Menifee Valley Campus) where you can receive computer and math assistance along the way.


If you would like to take advantage of this program, please email: from your MSJC student email account (or personal e-mail account) to request registration information.


Thank you for your interest in joining MSJC-MVC and Khan Academy to help you succeed in your math goals!

Math Center Staff, MVC


Access your student email account: or reset your student email account password via EagleAdvisor.