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How to become a Peer Tutor

Are you interested in becoming a Peer (student) Tutor or Supplemental Instruction Leader?


1.       A grade of “A” or “B” in the subject area the student wishes to tutor.

2.       Academic proficiency to tutor the courses for which the student is applying to become a tutor.

3.       Excellent interpersonal and intercultural communication skills.

4.     ​References from instructors validating academic proficiency and ability to help others.       

5.       Successful completion of required tutor training (TA100).

TA100-Tutor Training:

This course is designed for those who want to tutor adult students with emphasis on developing instructional skills to meet individual needs.  The course addresses tutoring techniques, effective communication, personality and learning styles.  It is divided into three areas of instruction: Genreal Tutoring, Writing Tutoring, and Math Tutoring. Additionally, strategies for tutoring students with special needs such as ESL, learning disabilities, math anxiety, and cultural differences are included.  This is a required class for all tutors working in the Learning Center.   

I. Your opportunity:

This is your opportunity to learn how to become an effective and professional tutor. Much of what you will learn here has the potential to make you a stronger student, as well. Additionally, this course will afford you the opportunity to familiarize yourself with most of our academic/student success programs that are available to all of our MSJC students. As a prospective tutor, it is vital that you have a good knowledge of the services our college offers to help students meet their academic aspirations. 


II. How you can get there:

During the semester we will practice tutoring in class, read a variety of texts and other materials, and interact in class through group discussion. Therefore, you will need to attend every class session, as you already know this helps to ensure success in the classes you take  Also, it is important that you are active and engaged in the work at hand during class sessions. All these actions will ensure that our collaborative goal, understanding what it means to be a tutor, will be realized.


Job Duties:

1.       Assist students in learning and practicing the concepts necessary for content area success.

2.       Mentor students to develop positive learning skills, such as effective note-taking, organization of materials, and time management.

3.       Provide a forum for participatory learning, which includes the active involvement of the tutee.

4.       Aid the tutee in understanding concepts without providing answers for students or completing assignments for students.

5.       Support the teaching methods of the tutee’s instructor (always ask to see their notes!)

6.       Refer students to the Tutorial Services Specialist if the personal or academic needs of the tutee are beyond the tutor's expertise or job description. 

7.       Work the assigned hours per week unless making prior arrangements with the TSS.

8.       Prepare for tutoring sessions by reading required material, planning questions, and providing structure for the time spent with students.

Application Process:

1.       Successfully complete the required tutor training class (TA 80/100).

2.       Complete and submit the Tutor Application (available online in  "Forms" or by clicking here) and schedule for next semester.

3.     Complete a Tutor Availabiltiy Form (available online in "Forms" or by clicking here). 

4.       Schedule interview with Maria M Aquino (see contact information below).

To learn more about becoming a Peer Tutor:

Contact Maria Aquino, Tutorial Services Specialist (TSS) at 951-487-3481,


To learn about becoming a Supplemental Instruction (SI) Leader:

Contact Janice Levasseur, SI Coordinator at (951) 639-5482,