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LRC Faculty Services

Serving our Faculty
The Learning Resource Center provides faculty services that include Homework Drop-Off and Test Proctoring. In addition, we also provide numerous resources that support the classes you teach. Because we want to provide as much support as we can, we ask that you please contact Evelyn Menz, Learning Resource Coordinator, with any ideas you have regarding how we can add to and/or improve the services we presently provide.
  • Home-Work Drop-Off: We collect homework assignments from your students. When a student submits homework, we place it in your file for you to pick-up here in the LRC. We are not able to mail items to you.
  • Test Proctoring:  The Learning Resource Center provides two types of test proctoring—“make-up testing” and “online testing.”
  • Make-Up Testing: The LRC provides faculty who are teaching face-to-face classes “make-up” testing services so that they can offer make-up testing to their students. This service is for faculty who wish to allow students to “make-up” a “missed” in-class exam.
  • On-Line Testing: The LRC provides faculty who are teaching online classes, “online testing” services. This service is for faculty who want to provide proctored online exams.
Whether you need Make-Up Testing or On-Line Testing, you will need to fill out and submit a Test Protocol Form, as well as submit cop(ies) of your exam.  This form is available to you in the Learning Resource Center, or you may *complete and submit this form online. (Please note that we do not make copies of tests when multiple tests are needed, unless you submit your request online.)
*If you are unable to bring your tests to the Learning Resource Center, you may submit your tests by completing the Test Protocol Form available here as an PDF. Please download the form in order to fill it out. There are some additional items to consider if you do submit your test online:
  • There is a 48-hour turnaround time from the day the test is sent to the day it is available for students to take. That is, if it’s sent on Tuesday, it will be available on Thursday.
  • You must e-mail your test to Sandra Darnell and Connie Hill at
  • Please do not send exams to Staff email addresses, as we may not receive your test in time and will be unable to proctor.
  • If you have any questions, please contact Sandra Darnell or Connie Hill at X3480
  • Test Protocol Form available here as a PDF. Please download the form to fill it out. This form applies to hard copies brought in, as well as online submissions.