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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Writing Center?

The Writing Center is comprised of professional and peer tutors who can assist you with any of your writing assignments—from brainstorming to the final compositions. The goal of our tutoring activities is to help our clients improve their writing.

What kind of help can I expect to receive?

A Writing Center tutor can help you with every aspect of an assignment, from brainstorming ideas for a topic or preparing a working outline to the reviewing of a final draft. The tutor cannot, however, compose the paper for you and will not, as a rule, edit and revise, in full, a rough draft. Instead, the tutor will help you, the writer, focus on a particular problem area (such as grammar, verb/subject agreement, format, citation, etc.) and/or help you strengthen the content of your paper (i.e., its introduction, internal content, conclusion, etc).

Are there any resources available that I can use while in the LRC? Are they are any that I can take home with me?

Yes to both questions. In the LRC we have many handouts concerning various stages of the writing process that you have access too. Additionally, you can access these at any time through the Documents link on the Writing Center website.

Can tutors help me with writing assignments for classes other than English classes—i.e., chemistry, sociology, physics, etc?

Yes. A tutor can help with writing assignments from any of the classes you are enrolled in.

Is there a charge to me for using the Writing Center services?

No. Our services are provided absolutely free of charge to the student. The cost of providing our services is completely funded by the college.

Where is the Writing Center located?

On the San Jacinto campus, the Writing Center is located in the Learning Resource Center located inside the Library, Bldg. 300. Once you enter the building, we are located on the right side of the library.

Do I need an appointment to receive help in the Writing Center?

No. Our services are offered to students on a walk-in basis.

What is the process to enable me to work with a tutor?

As you enter the Learning Resource Center, register at the reception desk. The Writing Center Is located on the right side of the room. Pick up a flag and a sign-in sheet before being seated. Once you have filled out the form, put your flag in an upright position and a tutor will come to your table. The flag should remain down until you are ready for the tutor.

What should I bring with me to the Writing Center?

Always bring a copy of the assignment you are working on, as well as any writing/work you have done to complete the assignment. Also, bring any materials (i.e. resource materials, textbook, guidelines, etc.) relevant to your successfully meeting the criteria of the assignment.

May I drop off my paper in the Writing Center and then pick it up when it is fixed?

No. Our services are provided to help our clients become better writers. Such learning cannot take place unless you are physically present.

How long do most sessions with a tutor last?

It depends on what you need—usually between 15 and 30 minutes. Tutoring sessions are more helpful if you are not hurried. Tutors may need to assist other students as they come in, so sessions beyond 15 minutes at a time are unlikely.

If my assignment is due tomorrow, can you still help me? If not, how many days prior to its due date should I come in?

Yes, we can help you, but a short time frame could prevent your having time to incorporate suggested content revisions and edits. Almost always your work with a tutor will uncover areas in your paper that need additional attention or reworking. It is best to allow time for incorporating revision work into your paper.

If I come to the Writing Center, will I get a better grade?

We can assure you that working with tutors in the Writing Center on a regular basis will, over time, improve your writing skills.

Will a tutor think badly of me if I have poor skills?

Tutors are here because they wish to help you. We see every type of student—every age and every skill level. There is no need to fear embarrassment. You will never be the first one to have a particular problem area.