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Useful Links

Useful Links by Subject  
Writing Topics
The Teaching Resources Center Writing Project – A good source for any part of the writing process.  Read web articles on writing topics presented by Andy Jones and The Teaching Resources Center Writing Project.  Topics at the site include: “The Writing Process,” “Choosing a Topic,” “Writing a Thesis Statement,” “Doing Research,” “Proofreading,” “Writing a Paragraph,” and many, many more.  All are presented in a variety of formats: “The Best Link,” an in depth discussion of the topic, and “In a Nutshell,” an abbreviated version.  Other links are suggested for further reading and information. Some of the links may be under construction and not available.
Citing Sources
Here are two sites that do the work for students.  Once information is provided, the site will format the citation in whichever formatting style the student chooses (MLA, APA, Chicago, etc.).  There is one cautionary note: students should be sure to double check each entry for accuracy.  Though these sites are very helpful, they are no substitute for knowing proper formatting standards.   
The Citation Machine
Easy Bibliography
Necessities in Academics: An Educational Guide to Citation Styles
Here is a very informative web site that offers “a list of links and descriptions of the different [citation] styles to help students learn more and understand each,” including some that may be unfamiliar to many students.  The site not only covers MLA, APA, and Chicago style documentation, but also discusses citation styles for the sciences, engineering, and medical research, among others.   
OWL at Purdue University
An old standby, the OWL (Online Writing Lab) at Purdue University offers style guides for MLA, APA, and Chicago formatting.  Both the MLA and the APA guides have examples of student papers that model the use of each style.  The Chicago model is still being updated and does not currently have an example.
Bedford/St. Martin's Research and Documentation Guide
Features MLA, APA, Chicago, and CSE documentation guides.
English as a Second Language
Activities for ESL Students This site offers quizzes that are designed to meet the needs of students at their current level of proficiency: easy, medium, and “not so easy.”  It also has crossword puzzles and links to other helpful resources.
English Language Centre – Victoria University – Help with beginning grammar and various levels of writing.  Students can choose which level best suits them.
          Beginner Grammar
          Beginner Writing Course
          Intermediate Writing Course
          Advanced Writing Course
OWL at Purdue“OWL Materials – ESL Instructors and Students”The site offers helpful handouts with exercises and explanations of English grammar and mechanics.
Grammar, punctuation, spelling, sentence structure and style, paraphrasing, and writing numbers
OWL at Purdue University                           
This site provides both exercises and handouts on these topics: grammar, spelling, sentence structure, punctuation, paraphrasing, writing numbers, and sentence styling.
Big Dog: A Bare Bones Guide to English – Simple explanations of English grammar.  The site includes exercises and answers for immediate feedback.
English Page – An extensive website that includes in depth coverage of English grammar.
The Tongue Untied – The University of Oregon School of Journalism and Communication launched this site to help students pass its required grammar, spelling and punctuation test.
“The Tongue Untied is the perfect place to go for a concise grammar refresher. Don’t remember the purpose of a transitive verb? No problem. From the home page, transitive verbs, linking verbs, and intransitive verbs are covered in lesson 2. The site gives clear definitions, several examples, practice exercises, and quizzes. Over ten lessons, the subject matter builds until by the end, not only does the student know the difference between affect and effect (lesson one), but he or she will also know subject/verb agreement (week 6), punctuation (week 8), and will close with tips toward communicating with clarity, conciseness, and accuracy (week 10).”
          --Best Free Training Reviews, 11 December 2007.
Research Paper Topics
Ohio University Department of LinguisticsThe site offers a number of topics suitable for research papers, including surveys and polling information and links to many related sites. 
Textbook Web Resources
Text websites can provide students with much needed support.  For the Langan series, students can click on a specific chapter to access a Power Point tutorial on a topic and complete related exercises that give students immediate feedback on answers.  
Sentence Skills – English 061 text website.
English Skills – English 062 text website
OWL at Purdue University Topics include “Preparing an Application” and writing letters and resumes in the pursuit of gainful employment.