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External Links

These are some fun sites that we recommend to help you with your questions or to discover more about math on your own. Each has been personally picked and hand screened.  


MathTV - Free videos explaining math from Basic Math through Algebra, Trigonometry, and Calculus

Theresa Hert's Math Videos - lots of examples explaining how to solve problems from PreAlgebra, Math 51, through Intermediate Algebra, Math 96

Purplemath - practical algebra lessons

A fun math dictionary

Wikipedia mathematics

History of math

History about Mathematicians

The Prime Pages

Free Online MIT Course Materials - only for Calculus and beyond, but wow!

Educational Resourse for Calculus 

What's Special About This Number?

Linear Algebra Toolkit - powerful online calculator for matrices

3x3 Equation Solver - Solve systems of Equations with 3 or 4 variables 

This website has really good, clean and clear lessons on solving algebraic problems. Lessons range from basic algebra to intermediate algebra. 
This website has decent math lessons from basic algebra to precalculus. The author of the website writes lightheartedly, playing immature jokes from time to time that could be confusing (e.g. in one instance in a lesson on functions, wrote f(booger) then said, “Haha, I made you write booger. I’m so immature.”) Otherwise, lessons are good and cover a wide range of topics.
This website covers an extensive range of topics from basic arithmetic to college calculus, linear algebra, statistics, etc. Website contains fee video lectures that require a flash player plugin to operate. Best suited for students who need to hear lessons rather than just see them.



Worksheets - Drill and proctice 
Math 50 worksheets & answers for extra practice 
Math 90 worksheets & answers for extra practice
Geometry worksheets & answers for extra practice 
Math 96 worksheets & answers for extra practice
Lots and Lots of real basic Arithmetic through Intermediate Algebra worksheet​