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MSJC > Learning Skills Program > Learning Disabilities Resources

Learning Disabilities Resources

Software and Resources

These sites have products and services that LD students might find useful. Some are free. Most are not. The sites listed are provided for your convenience and information.

Free - These sites have free versions available, along with a more deluxe version that you can purchase.

ReadPlease software is a free text to speech software. The more deluxe version called ReadPlease Plus is not free.

Free Assistive software site virtual keyboard and mouse software

Browse Aloud is a Windows application and can be used with Internet Explorer 4 upwards or Netscape Navigator.

RealOnePlayer free version available

Macromedia Shockwave free version available

Apple Quicktime player free version available

Easy Zip freezip utility

Win Zip free version available

Free trial downloads This site has timed evaluation demo software that can be downloaded. If you like the software, you will have to buy it at the end of the evaluation period.

Free trial downloads for text to speech software

Not free

MP3 Text Aloud text to speech software

Reader Pen Quicktionary is a handheld portable language scanner that translates, and reads foreign languages.

Dragon Natural Speaking voice recognition software

Inspiration Software free trial version available. Software used to brainstorm, plan, organize, outline, diagram, and write.

American Printing House for the Blind Software download center

Kurzweil The software reads text and much more.

Wynn Reader software.

Zoom Text makes text bigger for visual impairments

Franklin Speller Check

Talking Calculators and much more

Tape recorders and other things

Scientific Notebook Software for Math

Colored Overlays learn more about a condition called Scotopic Sensitivity

Math Player can help you read math problems