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Program Description

Mt. San Jacinto College offers specialized services to students who are identified as having specific learning disabilities.  A learning disability is a disorder in which an individual of average or above average intelligence shows a significant discrepancy between ability and achievement due to difficulty in processing information through normal sensory channels. 

Students may be referred directly to the Learning Skills Program by instructors, counselors, community agencies, high schools, parents or by self-referral; or, through the Disabled Students Program counselors at either campus.   Following referral, a student is asked to complete an Intake Screening and given a series of diagnostic assessments to determine eligibility for the program. 


To provide students with learning disabilities equal access to programs and services at MSJC by working collaboratively with Disabled Students Programs and Services (DSP&S).   


  • Specialized classes to remediate basic skills  and teach compensatory learning strategies based on functional limitations
  • Learning disability assessment of strengths and weaknesses in cognitive abilities, academic achievement, and processing skills
  • Specialized small group instruction and tutoring, not duplicated by Learning Center services available to all students
  • Consultation with other instructors regarding accommodations that might help students succeed
  • Test-taking facilitation, including arrangement, proctoring, and modification of test and test administration for eligible students
  • Counseling, including specialized academic, vocational, and personal counseling services specifically for eligible students, not duplicated by ongoing general counseling services available to all students
  • Referral to Recordings for the Blind and Dyslexic (RFB&D), an organization that provides tape recorded textbooks and reading materials for eligible students
  • Oral  exams and/or reading by lab assistant or proctor for eligible students
  • Franklin Spell Check, tape recorders, and 4 track tape recorders are available for eligible students
  • Word Processing, Kurzweil, and Dragon Naturally Speaking services available to eligible students 
  • Priority registration
  • Referral, outreach, and student advocacy on campus and within the college communities
  • Colored overlays


San Jacinto Campus Learning Skills Program                  
Room:   1457B       487-3491   
Hours:   Monday - Thursday   9:00 am – 5:00 pm   

Menifee Valley Campus Learning Skills Program              
Room:    103       652-5491
Hours:   Monday - Thursday   9:00 am – 4:00 pm