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Office 365

Sign IN with Office 365 For Student Email

SIGN IN! When you become an MSJC student, your Office 365 email account is automatically created.  Sign in today to activate your account!

CHECK REGULARLY! The college will use this email address to send you important notices about your registration, course enrollment, financial aid, and more.
Faculty are given this email address to correspond with you.  


  • LOGIN ID:   Your Office 365 email account is your username   


  • ACCOUNT ACTIVATION:  To access your Office 365 for the first time you will need to first activate your account through EagleAdvisor:

Activate Student Email Account

1. Log in to and select Student EagleAdvisor.
2. Under User Account, select Activate Student Email Account.
3. Choose and enter an email password that fits the criteria.

* If you need to reset your Office 365 password, you can reset your password through EagleAdvisor

YOUR MSJC EMAIL ADDRESS: is the same as your login ID.  


  • You will need an alternate e-mail address in case you forget your MSJC password and need to be reminded.  If you don’t have one,, and all offer free email accounts.
  • You can access your email from any internet connection.
  • Stick to the right!  Sign in at the Office 365 ID prompt on the right.  The #1 student mistake is trying to sign in on the site. LogoGET STARTED:  Go to and follow the Microsoft prompts to sign in and activate your account!



Why Office 365?
In response to the growing need for an updated, user-friendly and secure means of providing email service for its students, the Department of Information Technology has implemented Microsoft's Office 365.  Students will log in to their web services through the Windows Live website.

Here is a list of some of the features students will now be able to use and enjoy:

  • A Lifetime account 
  • 25 Gigabytes of space for emails and attachments
  • A password-protected 25 Gigabytes online storage to share documents or photos
  • Mobile Device E-mail Access
  • Forwarding to any e-mail address you'd like
  • Calendar services
  • Spell Check, Dictionary, Thesaurus and Search tools
  • Mail Filtering to organize messages, and rules processing to forward messages
  • Anti-Virus is integrated into the mail system 
  • No banners or advertisements
  • Keep your address for popular networking sites such as Facebook


Guide: Getting Started with your Office 365 MSJC Email Account