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Student Organizations

South West Association of Nursing Students (SWANS)

The SWANS Organization is a constituent of the National Student Nurses Association and California Student Nurses Association and practices shared governance.  

SWANS are student nurses uniting together to:

  • Convey the standards and ethics of the nursing profession.
  • Become responsible and accountable members of the nursing profession.
  • Advocate for high quality, research-based, affordable and accessible healthcare to the community.
  • Strengthen the efforts of each individual student through mentoring.
  • Develop into students who are prepared to lead the profession of nursing in the future.
  • Promote interest in the National League for Nursing and the California Nurses' Association

Executive Board

President: Andrew Do
Vice President: Christal Ruiz
Secretary: Jennie Price
Treasurer: Kelsey Atkins
Community Outreach: Ashely Baldridge
Historian: Joannie Davis & Citlali Arredondo


Peer Tutoring / Mentor-Mentee: Luis Torres
                                                    Kyra Miller
LVN Peer Tutoring / Mentor-Mentee: Crystal Diaz
Faculty Liaisons: Joei Bianca
                            Kori Smith

ICC Representative: Destiny Owsley & Brandy Donini

Fundraising: Thea Castleman

Advisor: Charlene Le

Peer Mentor Program


Mission Statement

The peer mentor program is committed to student success and learning within a rigorous nursing program. We strive to provide our incoming and continuing nursing students with the access of a compassionate, knowledgeable and experienced peer to ease the transition into nursing school and provide the resources necessary to reach their potential. Our goal is to build positive relationships amongst our peers, the educational institution and our diverse community. In addition, we will offer the tools necessary for the development of leadership and communication skills along with the support for lifelong learning which will lay the foundation for a successful nursing career.

Mentor Guidelines and Goals

  • Assist first semester students with the transition, challenges and progression of nursing school.
  • Assist first semester students with the roles and responsibilities of a professional student nurse.
  • Disclose resources available to nursing students.
  • Assist in the development of academic and life skills.
  • Identify and develop leadership skills as well as role model such skills to your Mentee and build your resume.
  • Reach out to your Mentee a minimum of three times through- out each semester offering support and meeting opportunities.

Mentee Goals and Expectations

  • Take responsibility of your learning by gaining access to the skills, knowledge, advice, experience and resources a mentor can offer.

  • Gain awareness of opportunities and activities that can broaden your educational experience.

  • Improve and gain confidence in decision making skills and your role as a student nurse.

  • Obtain feedback on papers and projects.

  • Develop better listening and communication skills.

  • Learn skills used to handle difficult or unique situations.

  • Gain insight to clinical sites and expectations of a student nurse.

  • Respond and reach out to your Mentor a minimum of three times throughout each semester to get support and schedule meeting times.

Peer Tutoring


Benefits of Peer Tutoring

  • Each attendee will receive normal lab hours equivalent to the hours of attendance at the tutoring session.
  • Each peer tutor will receive double lab hours for each session. (Sessions should be no more than two hours, so a maximum of four lab hours may be obtained)

Peer tutoring helps students…

  • Increase their own understanding of the subject matter they tutor students in/on, which boosts confidence and reinforces prior knowledge.
  • Have opportunities to develop their own leadership skills.