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MSJC > Nursing and Allied Health > Alcohol & Drug Studies (ADS)

Alcohol & Drug Studies (ADS)

Alcohol & Drug Studies classes are not being classes offered this semester.
Please check back here for updates. Current information will be posted when it becomes available.

Program Description

alcohol drug studies MSJCWithin the Alcohol and Drug Studies (ADS) Program, MSJC offers an A.S. Degree in ADS, a Certificate in ADS, and an employment concentration in Dual Diagnosis (Co-occurring Disorders). All are designed to prepare people to serve as professionals in the expanding profession of counseling to those individuals who suffer from addictions from alcohol and other drugs.

The certificate program consists of 39 units, drawn from a course list which provides a thorough grounding provides a thorough grounding in medical and social origins of addiction. Students will learn the skills and techniques used for intervention, the legal and ethical context of treatment, as well as the record-keeping necessary to support successful interventions. The successful student will be well prepared for the qualifying examination offered by California Board for Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselors (CBADAC), a statewide certification organization.

Program Requirements
In addition to the coursework below, students must demonstrate English and Math proficiency by passing ENGL 098 and MATH 051 or equivalent or achieving a higher APT placement score, in order to graduate with the certificate. Student must complete all required courses for a total of 40 units to obtain the certificate in Alcohol and Drug Studies. Students may also obtain the Associate of Science Degree in Alcohol and Drug Studies by completing the required 39 unit certification program and MSJC's option A general education requirements. Please see a counselor for more information on general education.  



Required Courses (39 Units)

  • ADS 101- Introduction and Overview of Alcohol and Drug Studies
  • ADS 102- Pharmacology and Biomedical Aspects of Alcohol and Other Drugs
  • ADS 103- Law and Ethics, Community Prevention, Education, Outreach and Referral
  • ADS 104- Case Management: Assessment, Orientation, Treatment, Planning and Relapse Prevention
  • ADS 110/PSYC 110- Introduction to Counseling
  • ADS 115/PSYC 115- Individual, Family and Group Counseling
  • ADS 120- Personal and Professional Growth for Alcohol and Drug Counselors
  • ADS 149- Occupational Internship: Alcohol and Drug Studies
  • ADS 150- Practicum Seminar
  • HS 121- Fundamentals of Healthful Living
  • PSYC 101/PSYC 101H- Introduction to Psychology
  • PSYC 102- Personal Growth
  • SOC 106- Intercultural Relations

Dual Diagnosis Concentration (13 to 16 units)

  • ADS 116- Introduction to Dual Diagnosis
  • ADS 118- Dual Diagnosis: Counseling and Case Management
  • ADS 149- Occupational Internship: Alcohol & Drug Studies
  • PSYC 101/PSYC 101H- Introduction to Psychology
  • PSYC 108- Abnormal Psychology
Program Learning Outcomes
  • Pass the state examination- California Certification Board of Alcohol and Drug Counselors.
  • Participate effectively as an entry-level practitioner in the Alcohol and Drug profession.
  • Apply standard of care when working with patient/clients with addictions.