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Parking Regulations



The Board of Trustees of the San Jacinto College District hereby authorizes the District and/or campus administration to establish regulations governing the operation and parking of vehicles upon all District property pursuant to Section 21113 of the Vehicle Code of the State of California.  Such regulations have the full force of law and violators are punishable in accordance with the provision of the Vehicle Code.

Mt. San Jacinto College Campus Safety Officers are peace officers as defined in Section 830.32(a) of the California Penal Code and Section 72330 of the California Education Code.  Vehicle Code Section 21113 provides that the vehicle code applies on campus in all situations that are not specifically provided for by college ordinances.



Parking Permits:  All privately owned vehicles parked on the campuses must conspicuously display a valid parking decal, affixed as directed by instructions.  

  1. It shall be unlawful to park any vehicle displaying or using an altered, substituted, or unauthorized decal or permit.

  2. Permits can be purchased at the cashier’s office once Enrollment Services has assessed the parking fee.  Semester parking permits can be obtained on both campuses during regular business hours.  Daily parking permits can be purchased at the parking permit meters, located at the college entrance or in student parking lots.  

  3. It shall be the responsibility of the student to obtain the proper parking permit.

  4. Automobile and motorcycle student parking permit fees are listed below:

    1. All vehicles: $34.00 per semester (Fall or Spring) 

    2. All vehicles: $15.00 per Summer semester

    3. All vehicles: $2.00 per day, $1.00 per four hours or .25 cents per one hour. 



  1. Semester parking permits are valid from the first day of instruction through the last day of the semester.  

  2. Daily parking permits are valid for the day of purchase only.  

  3. Permits must be visible and properly displayed, as instructed on all vehicles while parked on campus.  

  4. Current parking permits must be displayed at all times.  

  5. Parking permits/decals are valid on all campuses.  



  1. All areas on campus where cars may be legally parked are designated for students, faculty and staff.  The privilege to park anywhere on campus is dependent upon the validity of the permit displayed, with the exception where permits aren't required, i.e., visitor spaces or loading and unloading areas.  

  2. Restricted areas: an area designated as “Staff/Faculty Parking Only” are for the use of faculty and staff with staff parking permits only.   Staff lots and staff spaces may be reserved for staff and faculty, although; parking availbility is not guaranteed.

  3. Restricted area for Handicapped:  Disabled persons with a Handicap placard/Plate are permitted to park in handicapped areas and are required in addition to display an MSJC parking permit.  Handicapped persons may park for unlimited periods of time in any area other than a red zone or in which the state law ordinance absolutely prohibits stopping, parking, or standing of all vehicles, or special types of vehicles, or to the parking of a vehicle that is involved in the operation of a street vending business.

  4. Motorcycles and other motorized two-wheel vehicles shall only park in designated areas, as posted .

  5. Parking areas marked with yellow curbs are for loading and unloading of passengers only, witht he exception of disabled persons, if no spaces are available for easy access disabled persons are allowed to exceed time limit in timed zones.  

  6. Student parking areas on campus have unmarked curbs and are open to holders of general (student) parking permits, however; spaces are not assigned or guaranteed to permit holders.

  7. Visitor parking spaces on campus are for "visitors only" and are limited to 30 minute parking.  Students, staff and faculty are not allowed to park in visitor spaces.  

  8. Additional parking areas constructed on District owned property will be included automatically in the definition of “District Parking”.



  • Parking permit enforcement shall be in effect on all days that classes are in session, inclusive of Final Exams.  Parking enforcement is suspended for a two-week grace period during the Fall and Spring semesters, one week during the Summer semesters. 

                                              San Jacinto Campus                                      Menifee Valley Campus 




Fall, Spring, & Summer 

Mon-Fri 7:30AM-10:30PM 

Mon-Fri 7:00AM-10:30PM

Fall, Spring, & Summer 

Sat 8:00AM-4:00PM

Sat 10:00AM-6:30PM

  • Permit parking enforcement except for the staff areas shall not be in effect on days classes are not in session; i.e.; Sundays, college  holidays, commencement and days in between sessions.

  • Enforcement of parking in staff areas shall be in effect at all times.




  • You must pay the citation within 30 calendar days from the original issuance date of the citation.  Late fees will be imposed after 30 days.  Failure to pay the fine will result in DMV action.  All payments must be made in the form of CASH or MONEY ORDER or Cashier's Check.  Money Order or Cashier's Checks are payable to: Mt. San Jacinto College P.D. (MSJC P.D.) for the amount indicated on your citation.  DO NOT MAIL CASH OR CHECK.

All fines are payable to:  

Menifee Valley Campus
28237 La Piedra Rd., Bldg. 100, Cashier's Office 
Menifee, CA 92584

San Jacinto Campus
1499 N State Street, Bldg. 1150, Cashier's Office
San Jacinto, CA 92583


Every parking citation has a fine and bail schedule.  Parking Appeals can be accepted by Campus Safety on either the Menifee or San Jacinto campus.  Appeals must be submitted within 30 calendar days from the original issuance date of the citation.​

Available for Download: 



Disabled and/or abandoned vehicles will be towed away at the owner’s expense after 72 hours, unless prior arrangements have been made with Campus Safety.  Recreational vehicles are not allowed to park overnight, nor are persons allowed to sleep in their vehicles overnight on campus.  The campus is closed to vehicle parking from 11:00PM until 6:00AM without prior permission of Campus Safety.