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The Mt. San Jacinto College Program in Dance is designed to offer students a well-rounded dance education that not only trains dancers in technique and performance, but also facilitates their creative growth as choreographers and gives them a strong historical/theoretical background in the art form. In addition to those students who pursue the dance major and transfer to university programs, MSJC dance classes offer every student the opportunity to study a creative discipline with all of the physical, intellectual, and aesthetic benefits of a focus in dance.



A.A. in Liberal Arts - Arts, Humanities & Communications Emphasis


A.A. in Dance
(with General Education Requirements Option A)

See Also:

A.A. in Musical Theater​



Certificate in Musical Theater


Dance Faculty


Dance Courses*

  • History and Appreciation of Dance (DAN 100)
  • Beginning Ballet (DAN 121A)
  • Intermediate Ballet (DAN 128A)
  • Beginning Modern Dance (DAN 122A)
  • Intermediate Modern Dance (DAN 126A)
  • Beginning Hip Hop (DAN 131A)
  • Intermediate Hip Hop (DAN 135A)
  • Beginning Jazz Dance (DAN 123A)
  • Intermediate Jazz Dance (DAN 127A)
  • Conditioning and Alignment for Dance (DAN 120)
  • Choreography I (DAN 125)
  • Choreography II (DAN 225)
  • Improvisation for Dance and Theater (DAN 108)
  • History of Popular Dance in the United States (DAN 133)
  • Dance Production (DAN 212)
  • Dance Performance (DAN 213)
  • Dance Touring Ensemble (DAN 214)
  • Musical Production (DAN 216)

*For course descriptions, please see the college catalog.

Upcoming Events

 ​ ​​​​​​
SJC Grooves Concert May 2-5, 2019 

Fall 2018​

Dances of the World (DAN 201) is an exciting class that will take place on four different Saturdays (9/8, 9/22, 10/6, 10/20) on the San Jacinto Campus and will feature West African Dance with Clydean Parker, Quebradita (Jarabe Tapatio) with Irvin Gonzalez, and Native American Forms (Bird Singing and dance, Coyote Dance, Eagle Dance) with Kim Marcus. Please join us for this informative and enriching class. 1 Unit.

Audition for SJC Dance Touring Ensemble

Friday, August 17th @ 9:00am 
Room 1952, San Jacinto Campus

We encourage all interested students to audition. 
All levels welcome! College credit available: DAN 214, 3 units

Dance Touring Ensemble (DTE) provides experience for the student dancer to participate in an ensemble which creates, rehearses and tours choreography to local K-12 schools. Students will learn aspects of performance touring and will participate in various roles which may include: creating original choreography, learning repertory, designing costumes, participating in technical support, and of course DANCING AND PERFORMING! The class culminates in a concert on the San Jacinto campus. The class is every Friday, 9am-4pm and touring takes place within these hours.​