2017 Commencement Celebrated 1,356 Graduates

May 30, 2017

Raul Garcia said attending Mt. San Jacinto College opened the doors to experiences he never imagined. Garcia, who attended the San Gorgonio Pass Campus, is the first in his family to graduate from college.

He reflected on his journey as he prepared for commencement on May 26, calling it emotional and giving him a sense of accomplishment after two years of hard work.

This year’s graduation theme was “How will you change the world?” Garcia, 22, answered the question this way: “I will change the world by helping others when it’s needed and advising them to do better.”

MSJC honored the achievements of 1,356 graduates and their families during its 2017 commencement at the Ramona Bowl in Hemet. MSJC awarded 2,109 associate degrees and 137 career certificates, as many students earned more than one degree or certificate or a combination.

Two MSJC student speakers addressed the graduating class with words of passion and inspiration during this year’s commencement.

“I have constantly been told by my loving mother, ‘a escuela es lo mas importante para saler adelante a un buen futuro y luchar por todas nuestras metas,’ which means school is the most important thing in order to get ahead in life and build a good future and to fight for all our goals. An education can allow you to reach heights that some people just dream about,” said Janet Plata of San Jacinto.

Prior to graduation, student Hope Graham, 25, of Temecula said she plans to become a corporate lawyer and wants to be a good role model for her daughter. The honors student said she enjoyed attending MSJC.

“The school does not put a limit on its students and that is the greatest feature about being an MSJC student...being limitless,” Graham said.

Sean Sinderholm, 30, of Menifee, was the first deaf person to graduate from MSJC’s new Interpreter Preparation Program. Sinderholm said he plans to earn his bachelor’s degree in deaf studies and credited his instructors.

“Leslie Greer and Jeremy Rogers of American Sign Language Department both encouraged me to become a Certified Deaf Interpreter and obtain a master's degree in the future,” said Sinderholm.

MSJC’s summer 2017 registration is open. The eight-week session starts on June 5 and six-week session starts on June 19.  There are more classes, more seats, and more services this summer at all of MSJC’s locations: San Gorgonio Pass, San Jacinto, Menifee and Temecula. For more information students or parents can contact MSJC Outreach at 951-639-5313 

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Raul Garcia
Raul Garcia

Hope Graham
Hope Graham

Sean Sinderholm
Sean Sinderholm