3 MSJC students recognized by state leaders

Three Mt. San Jacinto College students were recognized recently by the Community College League, college administrators and state Legislators.

MSJC students Jeff Doolittle, Ashley Cook, and Brooke Dotson were selected for the 2010 Phi Theta Kappa All-California Community College Academic Team. They attended a ceremony on March 22, 2010 at the Sacramento Convention Center and received medallions of honor and certificates for their accomplishments. Legislators also recognized them during a Senate Floor Session in the State Capitol Building, said Christina Yamanaka, a Phi Theta Kappa Coordinator/Honors Enrichment Program adviser at MSJC.

This year, 22 California community college students were selected for the All-California Academic First Team, 22 students for the Second Team, and 23 students for the Third Team. These students represent 36 California community colleges.

Phi Theta Kappa judges used grades, leadership, and community service accomplishments to determine their selection to the All-California first, second, and third teams. Collectively, these 67 students represent some of the best of the 2.9 million community college students in California.

“It was great honor to see three Mt. San Jacinto College students included in this selection,” Ms. Yamanaka said.

Here is a bit of information on these three students:

JEFF DOOLITTLE: was appointed to the All-California Academic First Team. Jeff currently holds a 4.0 GPA and plans on majoring in Economics and Mathematics. He hopes to transfer to UC Berkeley or UCLA in the fall with the goal of one day working at the Federal Reserve or in the field of Corporate Law. While at MSJC, he has served as the Phi Theta Kappa Executive Finance Officer from 2009-2010, the Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship Officer from 2008-2009, and he won the Phi Theta Kappa Paradox of Affluence essay contest in 2009. As an officer, Jeff has been involved in many Phi Theta Kappa activities including organizing a film screening of “Who Killed the Electric Car,” attending student leadership conferences in San Diego and San Jose, planning induction ceremonies for new members, and promoting our chapter at Phi Theta Kappa orientations. In addition to these accomplishments, Jeff was awarded the US Department of Agriculture Scholarship this past year and was named to the President’s Honor Roll. He is a student representative on the Honors Enrichment Program Faculty Committee and he will complete the Honors Program by the end of this semester. Jeff is also a member of Mu Alpha Theta and the Eco-Club, he works as an SI Leader, and he tutors students in Writing, Economics, and Mathematics. One of the activities he is most proud of is helping move a bridge back to its original position at the Santa Rosa Plateau after it was displaced during a recent storm to help protect the area’s eco-system.

 ASHLEY COOK: was nominated for the All-California Academic Third Team. She holds a 3.7 GPA and is majoring in Biology. She would like to transfer to Cal-Poly Pomona for her undergraduate studies and ultimately attend Western University to earn a Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine. Ashley has accomplished an enormous amount while at Mt. San Jacinto College. She is the current President of the Beta Delta Omega chapter of Phi Theta Kappa. Ashley was the driving force behind last year’s Phi Theta Kappa Holiday Food and Toy Drive and she played an instrumental role in organizing the event that brought Holocaust survivor David Faber to our college to give a guest lecture. She also helped bring CAST (Coalition to Abolish Slavery and Trafficking) to the San Jacinto Campus last year, contributed to the Basic Needs Drive for human trafficking victims in Los Angeles, and organized several campus blood drives. Additionally, Ashley is an ASB Senator, a student representative on the Honors Enrichment Program Faculty Committee, and will complete the Honors Program this year. One of the projects she is currently working on is mutating fruit flies for her honors Biology class.

BROOKE DOTSON: was appointed to the All-California Academic Third Team. Brooke has earned a 3.76 GPA at Mt. San Jacinto College and plans to major in Business. Her goal is to transfer to the University of California, Irvine and become a tax attorney. Brooke currently serves at the Phi Theta Kappa Leadership Officer and has been responsible for organizing our chapter’s participation in a beach clean-up near Oceanside Pier last year. She has also played an important role in planning our chapter’s blood drives and a human trafficking awareness event. Brooke has already completed the Honors Enrichment Program, and she is a member of the Mu Alpha Theta club. She has been named to the President’s Honor Roll, and she is the recipient of a Foundation Scholarship in 2008-2009. In addition to all of her accomplishments at MSJC, Brooke is a licensed real estate agent.