Lecture Series at The Western Science Center developed in collaboration with Mt. San Jacinto College

Sexuality & Society
Western Science Center
2345 Searl Parkway, Classroom A, Hemet CA 92543
(951) 791 - 0033 • www.WesternScienceCenter.org
Time: 7:00 pm
Cost: $8 non-member, $5 student
WSC members free
Sept 20: How did you get so sexed? Sex determination and Intersexuality
Presented by: Dr. Nick Reeves, Associate Professor of Biological Sciences, MSJC .
The word sex has two very different meanings. This talk will investigate how a person's sex is determined and whether the two sex categories are sufficient to describe all human variation.
Oct 18: Pablo Picasso: His Art and Sexuality
Presented by: John Seed , Professor of Art and Art History, MSJC
Pablo Picasso's wide-ranging art was energized by passion, eroticism and sexual energy. We will discuss the artist's sexual nature, and describe how it is manifested in key works of art over the span of Picasso's career.
Nov 8: The Body Language of Flirting and Courtship
Presented by: Pam Ford, Professor of Anthropology, MSJC
How can we tell when someone is interested in a romantic relationship?
What are the clues? Did we learn these somewhere or are we innately programmed to recognize and respond?
Dec 6: Sex and the City: Citizenship and Sex in Classical Athens
Presented by: Dr. Jim Davis, Department Chair for History and Humanities, MSJC
Does sexual behavior tell us about political power relationships and institutions? Explore these and other questions in classical Athens in the era of Periclean democracy.
For more information contact Erik Ozolins, MSJC Associate Professor and Chair, Anthropology Dept.,
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