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MSJC > Public Information & Marketing Office > A Tribute to Howard Hawks

A Tribute to Howard Hawks

History and Humanities Departments Present
A Tribute to Howard Hawks:
A Study in Versatility
Few American directors have worked as successfully in so many genres yet have received so little recognition as Howard Hawks.  Beginning his career in the silent era and working up through the age of television, Hawks proved both durable and adaptable as he produced historical epics, war films, screw ball comedies, detective films, and westerns.  Within these genres he managed to make entertaining films and to return to certain bedrock themes that featured unforgettable “Hawksian” characters.
This fall, we will revisit the life and career of this classic American director in four noteworthy films: Bringing up Baby (1938), Sergeant York (1941), To Have and to Have Not (1944), and Rio Bravo (1959). 
All films will be shown in Room 600, at the Menifee Campus, 6-10 PM and are free to everyone.