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Accreditation Exit Report

October 20, 2011
Good afternoon MSJC Colleagues,
The accreditation visiting team has departed the campus after delivering the “Exit Report,” spending four days reviewing our Self Study, verifying evidence, conducting numerous interviews, and holding two open forums. 
First and foremost, THANK YOU, each and every one of you.  All I can say about all of you, after hearing the Accreditation Site Team's Exit Report, is "WOW! Am I ever proud."
The team gave us 8 commendations and 5 recommendations, with chair Dr. Phoebe Helm saying that if we stay on the same path, she can foresee that we will have ZERO recommendations at the next Accreditation Site Visit in six years.
So what did Dr. Helm tell us at the Exit Report? Here are the highlights:
She said the team found us to be committed to the students and the college, strong and loyal. She found us to have a great love for our community and was impressed by the high regard in which we hold each other. "I am especially proud and impressed by the communication and respect you show each other," Dr. Helm said. "There is no sense of class amongst the employees. That's a tremendous feat."
The team praised us with the following 8 COMMENDATIONS: 
  • Open culture -- engaging all employees
  • Collegial and mutual respect, pride and dedication
  • Inclusivity - from Shared Governance to College Hour to Teaching and Learning Communities
  • Progress in Planning and Assessment and the clarity and availability of this progress on the web site
  • Identification and implementation of best practices in Basic Skills and Student Success
  • Professional Development: SDICCA (San Diego Imperial County Community College Association – the regional faculty internship program), Classified Staff Development Day, Teaching and Learning and Academies, @One.
  • Involvement of all constituents (all students, communities and employee groups) in Board Policies and Administrative Procedures
  • The Board of Trustees self evaluation and action plan with training and development
  • Routinely assess and revise mission statement.
  • Sustainability -- use published processes, including continuing with the Resource Allocation (which  they liked).
  • SLO and Assessment - complete all SLOs for all courses and programs, document improvements and distribute to constituents.
  • Indentify and address gaps in student outcomes by disaggregating data by demographics, modality of instruction, time of day and location.
  • Develop guidelines for determining minimum number of faculty and staff needed to meet the college's mission. 
Dr. Helm reminded the audience that the “Exit Report” is not final until the team completes and submits its report and it is approved by the ACCJC . The commission will not be able to review the report until it meets in January, so that means we won't get the official word until late January or early February 2012.
I am still flying high after our hard work was rewarded by the comments from the Accreditation Site Visit Team.  None of this could have been accomplished without all of you. I would especially like to recognize the people that Dr. Helm thanked for assisting the team during this visit:
Rebecca Teague
Kristen Grimes
Research Staff -- Charles Hawkins...
Brian Orlauski and IT staff
Ron Gugliamana and the Cafeteria staff
As I've said before, we've all worked hard during the years we've prepared for accreditation and it has paid off. I am proud of everyone for their participation in this process, the professionalism they bring to the institution and above all their dedication to the students and the college. We are a great team. Let's keep working together to fulfill the college mission and our institutional goal of Student Success!
Now take a deep breath, take a pause to rest before we begin to move forward,  reflect upon what you have just achieved, AND  REMEMBER that tomorrow, Friday, Oct. 21, we are offering free “Thank You” breakfast burritos between 10 – 11 a.m. in the Board Room on SJC and in room 805 on MVC.
Roger Schultz