MSJC Accreditation Report-Out Update

March 15, 2018​

The Accreditation External Evaluation Site Visit officially concluded today on the Menifee Valley Campus with a Report-Out by the 12-member team chaired by Dr. Cindy Miles, Chancellor of Grossmont-Cuyamaca. 

Below is an overview of their verbal report-out. The college will publish the complete report after the Accrediting Commission reviews it in June and provides their notice of actions in early July.

During the past week the Site Visit Team:

  • Held more than 40 group meetings with members of the campus community
  • Visited all 5 sites in the District
  • Held 2 open forums with about 40 faculty, 80 classified and 8 students in attendance
  • Reviewed internal and external comments from the community

As shared by the team chair, the Accreditation External Evaluation Site Visit represents step two of a three-part reaffirmation of accreditation process, which includes the institution’s self-evaluation report (step one), the site visit (step two), and a formal report to the Commission with a final assessment and decision in June (step three).
During the Report-Out, the team chair congratulated the District in several areas that fall outside of the Accreditation Standards:

  • Passion and devotion to the community and that we are serving all parts of our community
  • Passion and devotion to our students – we are truly a student-centered organization
  • Dr. Roger Schultz and his commitment to the District – he is deeply engaged and devoted to student success and the organization

Dr. Miles also provided a summary of the team’s three Recommendations for Improvement, which included the following:

  • Strengthening institutional set standards for student achievement
    • Improved benchmarks for continuous quality improvement
    • More aspirational in nature
  • Employee Performance Evaluations
    • Improved tracking
    • Continue with the work we are already doing with the move towards NeoGov tracking
    • Full implementation of that process
  • Board Policies
    • BP 1300 has a strong focus on growth, but recommend strengthening the focus on student success and access – not only growth
    • Enrollment is cyclical in nature – need to focus on progress, completion, and job attainment

Dr. Miles and the Site Visit team also provided the College with six Commendations:

  • Systematic and pervasive use of data to inform decisions towards student success.
  • DELTA Team to support student learning and professional development.
  • Fiscal stewardship including our strong reserves creating the twofold benefit of greater fiscal stability and our increased credit rating.
  • Integrated grant management and budgeting process.
  • Board of Trustees and their whole-scale integrity to collegiality and support of student success.
  • The forward-thinking Curriculum Committee that is ahead of the curve. An example is the consideration of high-unit implications.

Per the ACCJC, there are two types of recommendations: recommendations for improvement and recommendations for compliance. Commendations represent formal congratulations that fall within the realm of the accreditation standards.

We did it!
Thank you to everyone for your hard work, commitment to our students, and tireless devotion to improving our institution! We hope you take a moment to enjoy this accomplishment.


We did it!!