Agreement reached with APU on land purchase

At its September 13, 2007, meeting the Board of Trustees unanimously approved a mediated stipulation for judgment in the Mt. San Jacinto Community College Dist. v. Azusa Pacific University litigation (Riverside County Superior Court Case No. 349900). The parties have agreed that Mt. San Jacinto Community College will pay Azusa Pacific University $3,200,000 (plus applicable interest) for the approximately 30 acre parcel of land adjacent to Mt. San Jacinto’s Menifee Campus.

The Parties also agreed that pursuant to the decision in Mt. San Jacinto Community College Dist. v. Superior Court (2004) 117 Cal.App.4th 98, Mt. San Jacinto has no obligation to compensate Azusa Pacific University for improvements which Azusa Pacific University made to the property. The parties further agreed to fully and unconditionally release the other from all claims or liabilities in any way connected with the property and the improvements thereon.

Mt. San Jacinto looks forward to the incorporation of the property into its Menifee Campus to allow for further development community college facilities in the future.