Board Highlights February 2011

Election cycles for the Mt. San Jacinto College Board of Trustees will be realigned to coincide with the state general elections in order to save money.
Elections for the MSJC Board have been held every two years on odd years, but the Board voted unanimously during its regular meeting on Feb. 10 to move elections to even years.
This move will defer about $500,000 to 2011-12 and save about $50,000 per election in future years. It will initially cost the District more than $160,000 to mail notices informing registered voters in the 1,700-square-mile area of the change.
The change is also likely to result in higher voter turnout because more voters typically go to the polls during the statewide general elections.
The new election date will be moved from November 2011 to November 2012. The terms for Trustees Eugene Kadow, Dorothy McGargill and Joan Sparkman, which would have expired in 2011, will be extended to 2012. Terms for Trustees Ann Motte and Gwendolyn Schlange will be extended by a year to 2014.