Board Highlights January 2011

Governor Jerry Brown’s proposed 2011-12 state budget could affect Mt. San Jacinto College in one of three ways if it were to be approved, the Board of Trustees was told on Jan. 20 during its regular meeting.
Each of the possible scenarios would mean budget cuts of millions of dollars to MSJC, according to a presentation given by Becky Elam, Vice President of Business Services.  The MSJC Budget Development Committee has developed a list of budget reduction recommendations to consider in the event of deep budget cuts.   
Governor Jerry Brown unveiled his proposed budget for the 2011-12 fiscal year early this month. While the state budget process will take several months before a final budget surfaces, if the Governor’s proposal were approved, it would mean the state would cut funding to community colleges by $400 million. That would mean 350,000 students statewide would lose access to community colleges.
The Governor’s proposed budget relies on the assumption that California voters would approve $12 billion in additional revenue in the form of taxes on a June ballot.
Under Scenario I, if voters approve the tax package, MSJC would face $2.6 million in funding reductions. That would result in the loss of 1,508 students.
Scenario II outlines reductions if voters reject the tax package, but Proposition 98 is funded at a minimum. MSJC would see cuts of nearly $4.6 million in this case. The result would be the loss of 2,652 students.
Proposition 98 requires a minimum percentage of the state budget to be spent on K-12 education, including community colleges.
Scenario III is the worst-case scenario. It outlines the failure of a June tax package and the suspension of Prop. 98. Under that scenario, MSJC would lose $7.2 million in state funding and 4,102 students.
The MSJC Budget Development Committees recommendations to maintain fiscal stability at the college include:
·         Reduction in overtime
·         Possible pay freeze
·         Voluntary furloughs
·         Convert to a 4/10 or 4-9-4 work week
·         Reduce summer session
·         Offer Golden Handshake incentive
More budget information can be found at the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office, the MSJC Budget Watch and the Community College League of California web sites.
Chancellor’s Office: ttonGovJerryBrownStateBudgetProposal%20FINALWITHFACTSHEET_1-10-11.pdf
The CC League’s Budget Advocacy Action Center:
MSJC Budget Watch: