Board Highlights June 23, 2011

The Mt. San Jacinto College Board of Trustees adopted a $56 million General Fund budget for 2011-12 on June 23, 2011.
MSJC expects to spend as much as it receives in 2011-12. The $56 million unrestricted General Fund pays for salaries and benefits. The District’s total $122 million budget includes funds that are restricted for use in specific areas.
The District expects the state to reduce funding to MSJC by $4.7 million in the upcoming fiscal year, which begins July 1.
In order to offset the expected reduction in state funding, the District will implement reduction strategies recommended by its Budget Advisory Committee, a shared-governance committee that is comprised of students, faculty, classified staff and administrators. A freeze in the annual step increases of salaries or wages for the administration/management, supervisory/confidential, faculty, classified and associate faculty will take effect July 1. This freeze only pertains to step increases. Employees who have obtained additional education will continue to be eligible for column increases. 
It is estimated that the pay freeze will reduce District expenses by approximately $800,000, which helps to offset the funding cuts from the state.
MSJC will also use $1.3 million from Special Reserves to further offset state funding reductions.
The District is taking these steps to maintain fiscal stability, preserve instruction for students, and sustain a stable workforce. MSJC officials continue to monitor the State’s budget environment and have based budget assumptions on advice from the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office, which continues to advise Districts to proceed with caution until Legislators reach a budget deal.
If things go better at the state level than expected, the MSJC Board will revisit the budget reduction measures.
The District has previously implemented other reduction strategies recommended by its Budget Advisory Committee, including reducing overtime, travel, hiring only necessary positions and more.
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