Board Highlights May 2017

May 23, 2017

The Mt. San Jacinto College Board of Trustees heard several reports during its meeting on May 11, 2017.

Enrollment at the Child Development and Education Center at the Menifee Valley Campus continues to decline and the reliance on MSJC district funds to subsidize the center continues to climb, according to a report by Joyce Johnson, dean of Career and Technical Education and Allied Health. A proposal to restructure the Child Development and Education Center at the Menifee Valley Campus will come to the board at its June 8, 2017 meeting. The proposal will allow the district to more efficiently meet student needs and to be responsible fiscal stewards of public funds. The San Jacinto Campus center will not be affected.

Under the proposal, MSJC will move employees of the center to other positions at the college, so there will be no layoffs. Parents who pay fees or receive subsidies for childcare will receive referrals to local high-quality childcare facilities so parents can continue with childcare. MSJC students who use the facility for childcare will have that option or they can move their children to the San Jacinto Campus center and receive priority enrollment. MSJC will partner with child care facilities to ensure our students in the Child Development And Education Program can continue to conduct their observation studies. MSJC will retain classroom space for child development and education instruction. In addition, the proposal means the building that currently houses the Child Development and Education Center at the Menifee Valley Campus would be restructured to house a high-demand student health center, an interdisciplinary makerspace, a career center, equity-related student center and additional student gathering space.

The proposal for the restructuring is the result of a number of factors:

  • Declining enrollment. The MVC center has a 60 percent enrollment rate. San Jacinto Campus’s center is 90 percent enrolled.
  • The trend in declining enrollments will continue due to the Kindergarten Readiness Act of 2010.
    • Kindergarten entry date was changed from December 2 to September 1
    • Act offers a free full-day program for four-year-olds
    • Act is affecting all CSPP contracts throughout the state
  • Reliance on district funds increased from $380,000 in 2014-15 to $630,000 in 2016-17.
  • Restructuring allows for increased quality and security at the San Jacinto Campus Child Development and Education Center
  • Restructuring will allow MSJC to meet student needs and the district’s strategic priorities to create space for the student health center and other uses identified through surveys and data

CDECpresentation051117.pdfCDEC Presentation to the Board of Trustees

The board also heard the following reports during the May meeting:

Fred Frontino, director of Judicial Affairs, provided an update on the MSJC Campus Assessment Response Evaluation and Support (CARES) team.

Dr. Jack Miyamoto, vice president of Human Resources, gave an update on the district’s Equal Employment Opportunity Plan.

Rebecca Teague, dean of Institutional Effectiveness, Planning and Grants and accreditation liaison officer, provided an overview of the Institutional Self Evaluation Report for accreditation.

Nik Mesaris, director of Research, gave an overview of the Institutional Effectiveness Partnership Initiative indicators.

Paul Hert, program review and assessment coordinator, gave an update on the district’s core competencies.