Board Highlights November 2011

The Mt. San Jacinto College Board of Trustees heard updates about an accountability report required by the state Chancellor’s office and redistricting efforts during its regular meeting on Nov. 10, 2011.
Dr. Dennis Anderson, vice president of Instruction, updated the trustees on the Accountability Reporting for the Community Colleges. ARCC was initiated by AB 1417 and passed in 2004. Its objective is to provide accountability; evaluate college performance on the state’s educational priorities; and to provide colleges and districts with information for improvement.
The report shows that MSJC is trending upward in most of the seven areas in 2009-10 and is expected to continue the improvement in 2010-11, Dr. Anderson said. The seven areas are:
  1. Progress and Achievement Rates
  2. Students Who Earned at Least 30 Units
  3. Fall to Fall Persistence Rates
  4. Completion Rate for Vocational Courses
  5. Completion Rate for Basic Skills Courses
  6. Improvement Rate for ESL
  7. Improvement Rate for Basic Skills
The Community College League of California and Redistricting Partners provided an update on the redistricting process at MSJC. Redistricting is required every 10 years (after census) to align trustee districts to equalize the population. The Board was presented with two options.
Redistricting will be on the Board agenda for Dec. 8 and a decision should be made in January, 2012.
The Board also approved the MSJC Values Statement:
We value our students and employees. We believe that the act of teaching and learning is vital to a thriving community that enriches, and at times, saves lives. It is for this reason that we value:
Excellence – We challenge students with high standards for learning and critical thinking, which we model with action.
Collaboration – We believe that the best results can be achieved through effective communication between employees, students, industry and the communities we serve.
Relationship – We nurture a caring community built on positive interactions and a genuine concern for the welfare of others.
Innovation – We cultivate a creative environment that promotes the development of new ideas for continuous quality improvement.
Relevance – We pursue educational experiences that have meaningful applications in a local and global context, today and tomorrow.
Access – We promote a network of support that improves learning opportunities, removes barriers to a quality education and ensures the rights of all students.
Leadership – We empower people throughout the college community to support and facilitate positive change.
Diversity – We respect and embrace the power of sharing our differences in thought, opinion, culture and background to optimize our collective strength.
Integrity – We believe in being true to our core values by acting honestly and consistently in ways that demonstrate our character and moral commitment to “doing the right thing”.
We commit to create and respond to opportunities that inspire these values in ourselves.