Board Highlights

The Mt. San Jacinto College Board of Trustees met Thursday, April 10 and discussed issues including research into leasing the college bookstores to a vendor.

The board met in the board room on the San Jacinto campus. All trustees were present.

Dennis Hogan, interim vice president of Business Services, gave a presentation to the board on the prospect of leasing the bookstores on the San Jacinto and Menifee Valley campuses to a vendor. A committee comprised of faculty, Business Services and bookstore employees researched the matter. Students were invited, but none participated.

Hogan cited a number of benefits, among them: District employees working at the bookstores would remain district employees; the vendor would assume responsibility of all financial aspects, including reimbursing the district for employee salaries; the vendor would renovate and upgrade the existing bookstores, which are too small; the district could realize a first-year savings of $625,000.

Trustees Ann Motte and Eugene Kadow said they want to make sure any changes would benefit the students. They told the committee they wanted to see students involved and more information before the issue comes to the board again. Board President Joan Sparkman said it is important to gather all of the information. Trustee Gwendolyn Schlange said leasing the bookstores is a major decision.

The board also approved a tentative agreement to give 3 percent salary increases to fulltime faculty. The agreement must still be ratified by the faculty. Three percent increases in salaries were also given to parttime faculty. The board also approved 3 percent salary increases and 3 percent benefit increases for administrators, supervisors and confidential employees. The increases are retroactive to Jan. 1, 2008 and the funds are available in the 2007-08 budget.

The board met in closed session to discuss MSJC’s Wildomar property, and the search for a new President/Superintendent. There was no reportable action.

Dennis Anderson, interim vice president of Instruction, and Laurie McLaughlin, dean of off-site programs, told the board that the new Temecula Education Complex opened the week of April 7. The eight classrooms now open at the facility were full with 260 students in the first week.

Anderson also unveiled a new, streamlined class schedule that will be mailed to students for summer classes. The district will save $150,000 on the new schedule, which previously cost $380,000.

Dennis Hogan, interim vice president of business services, said the district completed installation of urinals that will save the district 2.4 million gallons of water. The district currently uses 14.2 million gallons of water. The district will also start using gray water at the Menifee Valley campus for irrigation.

Sparkman praised MSJC’s nursing program after experience in a hospital where former MSJC nursing students now work.  She called the former students “amazing” and thanked the program director and faculty for turning out such good nurses.

Motte said she wanted to bring Cal State San Marcos to the Menifee Valley campus, citing room available in the former Azusa Pacific facility. Hogan said he and Roger Schultz, vice president of Student Services, had already met with Cal State San Marcos officials and they were not interested in moving to the Menifee Valley campus.

Schlange and Kadow said they enjoyed the April 4 open house at the new Business and Technology Center on the Menifee Valley campus.

Kadow also said he was disappointed in the board’s action last month that prohibited the district from proceeding with an Energy Management System. He said the system would have cost $2.5 million but a $1 million state grant and other savings the district would have meant the system would have paid for itself over time. The proposal failed after a 2-2 vote. One board member was absent at that meeting.