Board Highlights

The Mt. San Jacinto College Board of Trustees selected member Joan Sparkman as the Board President for a second consecutive year during its annual reorganization at the board’s regular meeting on Dec. 11, 2008.

Trustee Eugene Kadow was named clerk of the Board for a second consecutive year during the meeting held on the San Jacinto campus.

The Board moved its January 2009 meeting to Jan. 22 and its April 2009 meeting to April 23 because the regular meeting dates fell either too close to or during scheduled breaks.

The Board approved Golden Handshakes for certificated and academic employees. The Golden Handshakes will benefit individual members and result in a net savings to the District.

Under the program, members of the California State Teachers’ Retirement System who are eligible and decide to retire will receive up to two years of additional service credit. The period during which eligible employees may retire under this program is June 1, 2009 through June 30, 2009.

The Board adopted eight goals and objectives for 2009-10. Trustee Ann Motte said she wanted to see regular updates that showed measureable goals and plans to reach them.

Superintendent/President Roger Schultz had presented the goals during a workshop with the Board on Oct. 9. The goals are:

  • Improve Student Success
  • Implement an Integrated Systematic Planning and Assessment Model
  • Improve Administrative Processes and Operations while keeping them transparent
  • Improve Community Perception/Awareness
  • Enhance Staff Development
  • Improve the Organizational Culture
  • Improve Campus Safety/Security to Support Learning
  • Maintain a fiscally sound position

Scott Jensen spoke in public comments to voice concerns about the MSJC Police Department. Jensen said he had been released from his probationary position.

Dr. Robert Newman spoke during public comments to voice concerns about the property the District plans to purchase in Banning.

Dennis Anderson, Vice President of Instruction, gave the Board a presentation on ways the District could save money or increase revenue on the Child Development Education program. A Task Force has been formed to discuss the CDE and will continue to meet regularly.

Recommendations included closing the young toddler class, which has lower enrollment than other classes, and restructuring the administration team to take on more responsibilities, thereby eliminating the need to hire personnel.

The Board was not asked to take action on the recommendations.