Drawing students to display final projects on sidewalks

Mt. San Jacinto College students enrolled in Drawing classes will present their final semester projects in the center of campus from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.  on Tuesday, May 10th on the San Jacinto Campus.
Students working both  individually and in small groups will reproduce images as sidewalk chalk enlargements, said Drawing instructor Dr. Eileen Doktorski.  Students working individually will make enlargements of 3' x 4' while two or three students working together will take on a more ambitious scale.  
These drawing students have been practicing enlarging a variety of images for the past three weeks.  They made smaller chalk drawings on the sidewalk areas surrounding the 1400 building in order to develop skill and increase their ability to work collaboratively.  The repeated process of working outside the classroom has increased their ability to maintain focus regardless of external distractions. They benefit as well from a greater comfort level working in public view.
This final project incorporates some newly taught approaches to drawing such as anamorphic perspective,  tonal gradations in light and dark, and gridding and scaling-up from a smaller image, Doktorski said.