Education Summit Looks to Provide Education and Job Opportunities

February 28, 2012
EducationForum6.jpgEducation and business leaders from the Pass area gathered on Feb. 24 at San Gorgonio Memorial Hospital to lay the foundation for an Education Summit in May that will be open to the public.
Hosted by San Gorgonio Memorial Hospital and organized by Mt. San Jacinto College, the Education Forum brought together leaders from local school districts, universities, the Pass communities and other organizations to explore educational opportunities.
The Education Forum will lead to the Education Summit on May 18, to help residents and businesses find success through the opportunities and avenues available in the San Gorgonio Pass.
“There are phenomenal opportunities in this area,” said Dr. Dennis Anderson, Vice-President of Instruction at Mt. San Jacinto College.
The Education Summit is designed for residents to meet with educational and vocational service providers. It will help residents learn more about educational opportunities, vocational certificates, soft skills for job placement, financial aid, Veteran services and more, while providing businesses with well-trained employees, all of which will help promote new business and industry in the Pass area.
Participants in the Feb. 24 Education Forum and the upcoming Education Summit include leaders from Mt. San Jacinto College, Cal State San Bernardino, the University of Redlands, Cal Baptist University, Banning and Beaumont unified school districts, local Regional Occupation Programs and others.
At the Forum, the group heard several presentations by representatives of Mt. San Jacinto College’s Career and Technical Education department, the Riverside County Office of Education, Toastmasters, the Pass Start-Up Incubator Services, The Science Experiment, the University of Redlands, San Gorgonio Memorial Hospital, United Way, Cal Baptist University, the Community Action Partnership, the Beaumont Adult School, and California State University, San Bernardino.
In addition, the Mayor of Banning, Don Robinson, was in attendance, as were several council members, Soroptimists, members of the Banning Chamber of Commerce, and many others.
“We’re making people aware of what’s here,” Anderson said. “It’s amazing what we saw here today.”
The Education Summit is scheduled for Friday, May 18, and will be open to businesses, organizations and the public. Two sessions will be available to meet the needs of the San Gorgonio Pass residents, one from 6 to 10 a.m., and another from 4 to 8 p.m. Both will be held at the Mt. San Jacinto College San Gorgonio Pass Campus, at 3144 W. Westward Ave. in Banning. In addition, organizers are working with local transportation agencies to provide free transportation to the public.
For more information, contact Kristine Di Memmo, Mt. San Jacinto College Instructional Support Coordinator, at 951-487-3409, or Lynn Gomez, Executive Director of Human Resources, San Gorgonio Memorial Hospital, at 951-769-2169.