FOCUS on Success through Learning

August 13, 2014

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Success through Learning 

The Continuing Education program at MSJC has many exciting new learning opportunities in its fall schedule.  Love Sushi?  Come learn how to make your own from the author of Sushi for Dummies, Mineko Moreno (pictured right).  Interested in learning more about Raw Foods?  Learn from Natural Health Practitioner Robin Varnet in a new Raw Food Fun class or join her for the new Natural First Aid Kit class.  Love tamales?  Learn how to make them just in time for the holidays from popular tamale maker Marty Flores.  Love chocolate?  Cooking classes with Martha Culbertson at Kitchen Fantasy fill-up for a reason! This fall she is offering fabulous weekly classes that will help you prepare food to enjoy and impress - including a Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate class where you will learn many different ways to prepare chocolate!  Always wanted to learn how to decorate cakes, maybe start your own cake decorating business?  Register for the new certificate courses in cake decorating and running your own business. 

Frustrated trying to decipher why your baby is crying?  Come learn how to communicate in the Baby Sign Language class taught by Jeremy Rogers.  Need a relaxing and healthy activity?  Join the Gentle Hatha Flow Yoga class with Debra Carson.  For additional healthy activities, try the new Contemporary Dance, Stretchalates, or Zumba classes offered by MSJC dance instructors at Allis Movement Center in Murrieta.  How about learning how to use your mind to lose weight or heal your body?  NLP Master Instructor Barbara Waggoner is offering classes in both subjects.  Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Certified Instructor, Tom Ventimiglia is offering classes on living stress free and taping into an abundant life with EFT.

Looking for a fun outdoor adventure?  Join the day excursion to Oceanview Mine where we will dig (above ground) for gems, and keep what you find!  For additional travel adventures, there will be a free slide show presentation about the fabulous Collette trips planned for 2015.  This talk will be held at the Kay Ceniceros Senior Center in Menifee on Wednesday, October 29th at 6:30 pm.

Does your child need to have fun AWAY from electronics?  Try out the new Chess Club for kids at the Temecula Chess Club.  Or, have them learn to play a string instrument with Maestro Pricila Chavez-Lara.  

These are just a few of the great learning opportunities available through the FOCUS program at MSJC.  Complete details on all of these new classes, and the fall class schedule, can be found at:  or call 951-487-3707 for more information.