MSJC Art Gallery Exhibit: RE-CYCLE, A.r.t.e.r.y. 2017

August 21, 2017

ArtGalRecycleArteryTrike.jpgMt. San Jacinto College Art Gallery Exhibit:
RE-CYCLE, A.r.t.e.r.y. 2017

Now through September 14, 2017
Monday – Thursday, 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
Reception: Tuesday, Aug. 22, 4 – 7 pm
San Jacinto Campus Art Gallery, Bldg. 1400
1499 N. State St., San Jacinto, 92583

The Mt. San Jacinto College Art Gallery, California Family Life Center and Worth Visual Arts are pleased to present a.r.t.e.r.y.ʼs 2017 RE- CYCLE exhibit. This exhibition marks the eleventh collaboration with CFLCand MSJC.

Mentoring and art are key elements to CFLCʼs a.r.t.e.r.y. Program. This years’ exhibit emphasizes mentoring skills, focusing on the transference of creative energy, vision and goals through art with children. A.r.t.e.r.y. Mentors work with school age children (6-13), teaching various art methods and building a one to one relationship with older mentors (ages 18-23). Youth mentors realize the importance of art benefiting their choices in career paths, while bridging children to positive endeavors within their community. By exhibiting their artwork at the MSJC Fine Arts Gallery, youth are exposed to college as a more attainable path for their future while assimilating comfortably in a college atmosphere.

Let’s Take a Ride Into...Sculpture, Mentoring and Recycling!
In RE- CYCLE the gallery is transformed into a whimsical recycle center and sculptural bike exhibit made by a.r.t.e.r.y. mentors and students. The artists used various and numerous found objects to sculpt bicycles and wheels. Two of the bike/trike sculptures featured were created from 106 pairs of repurposed jeans. These bicycles might not function like normal bikes but rather open the doors to creative repurposing everyday objects into art... talented trash! The artist’s ingenuity and creativity express themselves in these charming, whimsical, wonky and humorous artworks. Like their maker, each bike and wheel has their own personality and character.

 Student and mentor introspective journals will be displayed and are a crucial part of the a.r.t.e.r.y. program. The journal entries help reveal the artists thoughts on their past and present as their lives change and grow beyond their homes and comfort zones. RE- CYCLE encompasses a time and place to express oneself, while providing the freedom to let ones thoughts cycle through art.

The show has been made possible by the cooperative efforts of the MSJC Fine Arts Gallery, California Family Life Centers (CFLC), Worth Visual Arts, Planet Youth, Rubidoux YOC, and Empower Youth, Hemet. The art mentors are represented fromall three centers, trained, mentored and taught community children from CFLCʼs KinCare, Rustic Lane and Withrow Elementary schools Think Together program.

For more information contact John Knuth at 951-487-3585 or