MSJC Art Gallery to Display Local Contemporary Art Quilts

From January 25th through February 21st, the Mt. San Jacinto College Art Gallery will be hosting “Textures Fiber Arts,” an exhibit featuring contemporary art quilts made by Textures, a regional group of fiber artists. The exhibit is intended to provide the community with a surprising and unexpected look at the artistic advancements of quilt making in recent years.  The Art Gallery is located on the San Jacinto Campus at 1499 N. State Street, San Jacinto.
The art form of quilting fabrics together has a long threaded history dating back to the ancient Egyptian period. The art of quilting became a necessity in keeping the body warm in the harsh winters and decorating the home in the summers, while displaying the life experiences through the quilted fabrics. The process of quilting brings people together in sharing the same ideas of culture, family, and vision that will be passed down from generation to generation.
Quilting as an art form continues to be applied today in a traditional or contemporary fashion. One significant group of the latter is very experimental in form, expression, texture, and pushing the boundaries, yet keeps to the principal foundation of quilting history. The pieces still work fundamentally with layers of fabric and they are a juxtaposition of diverse color and patterns. Texture is achieved through creative stitching techniques and many of the quilts still retain a narrative component that is often seen with more traditional quilts.
However, as the “Textures Fiber Arts” exhibit will show, contemporary art quilts are no longer restricted to two-dimensional compositions of fabric made for display on a bed. Many have now become more three-dimensional; some even incorporate found objects to give the quilts a sculptural quality. Many of the quilts are no longer relying on non-representation or abstraction.
The opening reception for “Textures Fiber Arts” will be held on Friday, January 25th, from 6 to 7:30pm at the Mt. San Jacinto College Art Gallery. The artists will be available for any questions or information regarding fiber arts. Refreshments will be served and live music will be performed by guitarist Chuck Smolsky. The event is free and open to the public.