MSJC reaffirms commitment to all students after announcement of recent DACA decision

September 5, 2017

Mt. San Jacinto College is aware of today’s decision by the President of the United States to rescind the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. MSJC is part of the state community college system that provides open access to all. We join the California Community College Chancellor’s Office, other community colleges and institutions of higher education in reaffirming our commitment to providing quality higher education in a safe environment to all of our students, regardless of immigration status, race, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation or any other demographic, so they may continue to reach their educational goals. MSJC will protect student privacy, which under federal law requires us to keep student information confidential.

"We at Mt. San Jacinto College will continue to stand by all of our students and want to provide assurance that we embrace the great diversity among our populations. We are dedicated to open access and committed to providing a quality education in a safe environment," said Superintendent/President Dr. Roger Schultz. "We know that education is the path to building a strong community. It is our hope that Congress is able to agree upon legislation that will resolve this issue and allow students to achieve their educational dreams, regardless of their backgrounds."

The DACA program allowed undocumented individuals who were brought here as infants or minors to attend colleges and universities and get jobs so they can contribute to this country and to make a positive impact in our communities. Many of the individuals in the DACA program have no memory of a home outside of the U.S.A. and consider this country their home.

It is important that we uphold the mission and values of MSJC, which call for providing "quality, accessible, equitable and innovative educational programs" to our diverse populations. As a community, we at MSJC should also follow the Chancellor’s Office vision, in particular:

"All people have the opportunity to reach their full educational potential."

"The Colleges embrace diversity in all its forms."

"All people have the right to access quality higher education."


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