MSJC Student goes to NASA

December 1, 2016

MSJC student Eric Magallan plans to leave for NASA in January 2017 after being selected for an internship program with NASA on holographic enhancement technology. He shared the plans recently for this experience with his math classmates at MSJC ’s Menifee Valley Campus.

Magallan, 31, of Moreno Valley is planning to earn a degree in computer science. He will be in a team with other college students pursuing a variety of majors to work on the holodeck testbed project. He will assist in developing cost effective, realistic and highly immersive environments for astronaut training.. According to Magallan, this project could be used on the International Space Station, Rovers, Mars environments and various other places.

Magallan encouraged his classmates to dream big.

“I had a few interviews, but kept getting denied. I didn't quit though,” Magallan said. He understands that opportunities like these take more work to attain. Over the past two years Magallan says he applied for more than 40 internships through their NASA internship website.

Dean of Natural Sciences Marc Donnhauser supports MSJC efforts in connecting students to opportunities that support their educational goals and dreams.

Magallan is thrilled to temporarily relocate his family for this internship with NASA runs from January 2017 through May 2017 at NASA-Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas.

Magallan is among several MSJC students who have been granted internships with NASA.

For more information what Magallan will be working on and other opportunities visit
NASA's National Community College Aerospace Scholars Program.
Full description on internship project (Holodeck testbed project)

Eric Magallan
MSJC student Eric Magallan tells his classmates at MSJC’s Menifee Valley Campus about his acceptance into a NASA internship that starts in January 2017.