MSJC Students Begin Mural Project on School Campuses

A group of Mt. San Jacinto College art students are starting the first of three murals on public school campuses.
The first mural, created by MSJC art student Maria Lugo, is in progress on the outside of the Art Gallery wall on MSJC’s San Jacinto Campus. The mural depicts the face of a woman with wind-swept hair watching two soaring birds. It will be finished the end of April, said Eileen Doktorski, chair of the Art Department on the San Jacinto Campus.
The next two murals will be painted on the outside of the gym walls at Ramona Elementary School in Hemet. One mural, by MSJC art student Chelsee Calderon, is of a tree and a book, with the letter T and a picture of a toucan. The other mural shows a window with a row of back packs hung underneath. These murals will start after the mural on the Art Gallery is complete.
“The students and I are completely thrilled to be actively changing our campus and community environments,” Doktorski said. “ This work  brings much-needed color to the San Jacinto campus and inspires each viewer’s imagination. I am privileged to be working with such an awesome group of talented and motivated students.”
Doktorski said the murals were selected by a vote of the by MSJC students, faculty, staff and administration.
The students use paper stencils that are created by a projected image and a pouncing machine, which makes perforated holes onto the stencil drawing. The large rolls of paper stencils are temporarily mounted to the wall.  Students then pounce or tap cloth sacks of charcoal dust over the perforated holes.  Once the paper is pulled back the charcoal that has been pushed through the perforations shows up as an accurate, to scale, drawing of the image. 
MSJC Art Department students, faculty and staff pose in front of the wall where they are creating a mural, held by artist Maria Lugo. From Left to Right: Eileen Doktorski, MSJC Art Department chair, with Crystal McGee, Paisley Trent, Maria Lugo, Maureen Nena, Julian Ortiz and MSJC Art Gallery Manager Joe Posadas.
The mural by MSJC student art student Maureen Nena will go up on the gym wall at Ramona Elementary in May.
MSJC art student Chelsee Calderon created a mural that will also be painted on Ramona Elementary’s gym wall.