MSJC and Chapman University College partnership announced

Students in southwest Riverside County will receive more educational opportunities closer to home under a lease agreement and educational partnership between Mt. San Jacinto College and Chapman University College.

On Nov. 13, 2008, the Mt. San Jacinto College Board of Trustees approved a lease that will bring Chapman University College to MSJC’s Temecula Education Complex in Temecula.

Chapman officials also announced the Early Advantage agreement. It ensures that MSJC students who participate in the program are automatically guaranteed acceptance to Chapman University College upon completion of their associate degree.

MSJC students will be able to enroll in the program beginning in the January 2009 semester and earn a Chapman University College bachelor’s degree in applied studies, liberal studies, organizational leadership, psychology, social science or early childhood development through classes held at the Temecula Education Complex, Chapman officials said.

“With this partnership, an MSJC student can enter this seamless transition whereby they can achieve an associate’s degree from MSJC and bachelor’s degree from Chapman University College without ever really leaving the area,” said Dr. Dennis Anderson, Vice President of Instruction at Mt. San Jacinto College. “The partnership with Chapman University College is a win-win for students and both colleges as both institutions expand their course offerings in the I-15 corridor service area.”

“Chapman University College establishes Early Advantage agreements with community colleges like Mt. San Jacinto College to provide those students who chose to earn a bachelor’s degree near their homes with access to a quality education in the communities where they live and work,” said Gary Brahm, Chancellor of Chapman University College. “It’s reassuring for students to know that in these hard economic times when many educational institutions are limiting enrollments and cutting back on programs they are guaranteed acceptance into Chapman University College through the Early Advantage agreement.”

Working professionals will also have opportunities to obtain graduate credits and teaching credentials at the Temecula Education Complex through weekend courses Chapman University College will offer.

Terms of the Lease Agreement

Though MSJC’s class offerings will increase each semester, there is vacant space that will not be needed during the term of MSJC’s master lease. The 28,353-square-foot building is on Enterprise Circle West in Temecula.

Under the lease agreement, Chapman University College will sub-lease five classes and three offices for a total of 3,875 square feet. Chapman University College will pay $6,393.75 a month, which will help offset the $46,782.45 monthly rent MSJC pays for the facility, said Dr. George Kozitza, Vice President of Business Services.

The MSJC Board of Trustees unanimously approved the lease.

“I want to commend the district, applaud this district, for doing this,” Trustee Ann Motte said.

The lease agreement runs through Jan. 31, 2011. Chapman University College will lease the space for the same $1.65 a square foot that MSJC is paying, and will also reimburse MSJC for utilities and maintenance costs.

MSJC’s Spring 2009 class schedule will be mailed out in the next few weeks and will contain a special insert from Chapman University College with its class offerings in the Temecula Education Complex. Schedules will also be available in the Temecula Education Complex. For more information about the Early Advantage program or classes, call the Temecula Education Complex at 951-506-6752.