MSJC instructor to present at Physics Conference

November 12, 2013
Mt. San Jacinto College Physics and Astronomy instructor Paul Ney, physical sciences co-chair on the Menifee Valley Campus, will present two papers at the 55th Annual Meeting of the American Physical Society (APS) Division of Plasma Physics.  Ney will present his work that focuses on a clean and abundant energy source on Tuesday, Nov. 12 and Thursday, Nov. 14 at the conference in Denver, Colorado.
APS is a non-profit organization that unites an international membership of over 50,000, including physicists involved in a range of areas from academia to industry and national laboratory research.
Ney’s research on thermonuclear fusion is critical for development of a clean, abundant energy source.
Ney’s first paper, titled Hybrid Fluid Model for a Driven, Ion-Current FRC documents the development of a hybrid fluid model that is unique in the field of research and is necessary for the development of controlled thermonuclear fusion.
The second paper, High Gain Fusion in a Staged Z-Pinch, discusses the result of simulating a staged z-pinch using the Sandia National Labs ZR accelerator that becomes a credible candidate for the development of a controlled thermonuclear fusion reactor.
These contributions to the field of plasma physics represent the latest results in Ney’s ongoing research in the area of high-density, high-temperature plasma. 
Ney has worked in the fields of theoretical and computational plasma physics for over 25 years.  In addition to teaching at Mt. San Jacinto College, Ney is the Co-Founder and Vice President of Magneto-Inertial Fusion Technology International (MIFTI), and is a consultant for Tri-Alpha Energy Incorporated.
 Mt. San Jacinto College Physics and Astronomy instructor Paul Ney