MSJC opens to more than 14,000 students on the first day of the Spring 2014 semester

January 21, 2014
MSJC opened on Tuesday, Jan. 21 for the Spring 2014 semester with 14,524 individual students filling 91.6% percent of the seats in the district overall. That number is up from Spring 2013, when the college had 13,816 students. Enrollment numbers fluctuate as students add, drop or take late-start classes. The official enrollment figures come out at the end of each semester.
The college is offering 1,360 classes, up nearly 35 classes from the spring 2013 semester. MSJC is offering more high-demand classes, like college-level English and math, through a variety of strategic measures, such as cutting down on the classes that do not lead to a degree or transfer to four-year universities. This change comes at no additional cost to the district and helps students by offering them the classes they need to reach their goals.
The efficiency during the regular academic year will allow MSJC to hold a solid summer session in 2014.
MSJC’s 1,700-square-mile district runs from Temecula to the San Gorgonio Pass. It has campuses in San Jacinto, Menifee, the San Gorgonio Pass and an education complex in Temecula. The district also offers online classes and classes at off-campus locations.
MSJC Student Josh Guerrero asks questions at the Student Government Association booth during the first day of the spring 2014 semester at MSJC’s San Jacinto Campus.
MSJC Student Christa Asanuma signs in at the Learning Resource Center on the Menifee Valley Campus.