Mt San Jacinto College and San Jacinto High School Co-Host Global Warming Presentation

Thursday, May 17, 2012
7:00 pm
San Jacinto Campus Theatre, 1499 N. State St., San Jacinto
San Jacinto High School's intrepid Physics Phans, under physics teacher Mark Bonnard, will offer the last in their Spirit of Enlightenment series. The Spirit of Enlightenment series is cosponsored by San Jacinto High School and Mt. San Jacinto College.
Dr. Richard Minnich, head of the UCR Geology Department, will speak on what the data is, and what it can tell us about global climate change.
This event is open to High School and college students, as well as the general public.
Admission is free.
Questions about the evening should be directed to Mark Bonnard at San Jacinto High School, or Mike Rose at Mt. San Jacinto College's San Gorgonio Pass Campus at 951-922-1327 or