Photography Guest Speaker Hanson Fong at MVC

The Photography Department at Mt. San Jacinto College presents Hanson Fong, an 'Explorer of Light' and representative of Canon USA, Wednesday, September 12th, from 7-9 pm, in room 927 on the Menifee Valley Campus, located at 28237 La Piedra Rd, Menifee, 92584.
With over 30 years practicing the art of photography, Hanson will demonstrate his successful techniques that apply to both portrait and wedding photography during his program titled, “Harmonizing the Art of Posing and Lighting.”
Balancing the Art of Lighting and Posing, Hanson will teach how to create perfect photographic harmony by enabling you to be able to handle any subject’s body size and type. The Classic 10 Poses, that Hanson mastered and pioneered, will help you analyze different body sizes and types. You will learn to recognize the poses that will result in a proportional balance of the various body sizes to each other.

In addition to the hands on posing techniques, Hanson will also teach lighting and metering techniques. You will learn how to photograph under any lighting condition; indoors and outdoors- any place, anytime. Hanson’s approach to finding the proper light outdoors is simple and uncomplicated. Proper lighting and posing will help you to create highly desirable, beautiful and timeless portraits.
The key element to being a successful photographer is to make people look great. Hanson is known for his animated teaching skills as well as his photographic prowess. He will share the secrets of his success with you!
Please join us for a Live Demonstration of the classic 10 poses and family groupings will be included during this special event.
Program highlights include:
The Classic 10 Poses * Lighting Control *Window Lighting
Group & Family Posing *Metering Techniques *Facial Analysis

For more information contact Keith Hanz, Photography Department Chair, 951-639-5546 or