Puente Project

The Puente Project at Mt. San Jacinto College is seeking professionals in the community to volunteer as mentors for educationally underrepresented students.

The Puente Project is a one-year academic program that has helped thousands of educationally underrepresented students achieve their academic and career goals with the assistance of professionals.

Puente consists of three principal components: writing, personal development, and mentoring.  Puente is a learning community in which students take English courses that emphasize Mexican-American Literature as the basis of the writing process.  A counselor is assigned to teach the personal development courses and meet with students regularly to monitor their progress towards graduating from MSJC and transferring to a university of their choice.

The goal of Puente is to assist students in transferring to four-year universities with strong writing skills and knowledge of the higher education system and professional careers.

The purpose of the Mentoring Component is to match each Puente student with an academically and professionally successful mentor from our community.  Among other activities, Puente mentors meet with an assigned student at least once a month, provide students with professional and higher education experience, introduce students to the professional community, demonstrate that academic and professional success are possible without abandoning one’s culture, and attend local mentor training and activities.

The success of the Puente model has been largely attributed to the mentoring relationship between the student and you, the professional. As a professional and leader in our community, you are a vital resource and potential role model for our Puente students.

Mentors serve for one academic year. Local training will be provided.

Miranda Angeles, counselor, 951-487-3259 or mangeles@msjc.edu or Alma Ramirez, English instructor, 951-487-3645 or   alramirez@msjc.edu